Tuesday, 3 April 2007

There's Trouble Down in Beantown

There's trouble brewing just south of here in that wonderful social project known as Boston Massachusetts that requires a lot of whining. That's rather the way we do business up here unfortunately in the fact that we identify problems and then we whine about them until everyone is sick of hearing it and then someone finally decides to do something about it. The problem of course in social experiments like this is that nobody appears to be allowed to blame the “bad guys” or even identify the “bad guys” for that matter and in the end it requires that you beat up the people with the solutions as they are the only ones left that have no rights. Personally I never really cared if Boston or Massachusetts for that matter was swallowed up into a big festering hole and dragged strait down to hell. I have a much more selfish reason for hating on them all of the time and that is the fact that sooner or later the poor decision making skills gets exported north into New Hampshire, so I often try to sound off about these things before they do just so I can say I told you so.
Here today is the problem that violent crimes have gone up so much that you would be ill to not believe that there would have to be solutions. Before the solutions were that the Speaker of the Senate's {Billy Bulger} brother {James “Whitey” Bulger} would simply keep control of the streets through his own Irish Mafia “The Winter Hill Gang” and the combination of political and criminal influence would simply keep the peace. People would be accepting of the under age daughters that would be raped by them, the innocent people that would be framed for their crimes, and the family members who just never came home because they were assassinated by those monsters. Of course the rally cries of the sympathizers to all of that brutality, was to point at New York City and say “At least we don't have those gang bangers and mafia members wandering around” and then put their heads back in the sand. The governor of the state at the time {Bill Weld} even went as far as to sing a mocking duet with Billy Bulger about his brother's “luck” in picking lottery numbers, which was a joke about how he used to find the people that won the lottery and make them make him the “co winner” of the prizes. The fact is that they are both gone, and Boston has accepted a sense of lawlessness that rots it from the core. The other problem is that New York City has since cleaned itself up to the point where Boston is simply that dump 200 miles north of it.
I'm not just throwing stones either, because in the last few weeks a gunfight broke out on a subway killing the yet to be born baby of a pregnant woman {also rendering her infertile}, a tourist was shot and killed outside of a family party that she had come into town for when a gunfight broke out on the streets, and an 11 year old boy brought a loaded .44 to school that he claims he found on a lawn on the way to school. This is completely believable as the state legal system has proved that throwing your gun away as you are running away from the police is the difference between 3 months and 6 years in prison. The lawlessness has gotten to the point where the usual thing happened last Thursday when the police apprehended a perpetrator and as they were trying to drive away a known drug dealer and street thug jumped out in front of the patrol car screaming how he was going to get them and yelling all sorts of racial slurs at them. When the other patrol car showed up to get this kid the houses emptied out and most of the neighborhood was out threatening the police and screaming racial slurs at them. Of course in the 4 strait years that homicides have gone up in Boston, so have the reports of police corruption, including the ring of Boston police that was running the whore houses and trafficking drugs. I know these people are wrong for what they are doing but the thought of who the “good guys” are is rather blurry as well sometimes.
Now with that said one of the real problems with organized crime and government merging as it had throughout the 80's and 90's in Massachusetts and Boston in particular is that it tends to lead to the whole Mommy State philosophy. Nobody can take care of themselves so you have to increase all of the social programs and fortify the unions to protect people from “them” {regardless of who them is at the time} and what you are left with is corruption in every level of these unionized, and socialized thug organizations. I think of this as the Guardian Angels have decided to take to the streets in Boston to try to help clean it up. Of course it's a publicity stunt, and yes it does make the police very unhappy, but it doesn't mean that what the police in Boston are telling you is completely the truth either. I go back to the New York City model of all of this as the Guardian Angels brought a certain sense of security whether anyone admits it or not. I know that when I was a kid, and I got on a subway and saw a few Red Berets, I simply felt better. I never saw any violence around them, but then again maybe there was a reason for that. They were integral in the beginning phases of Giuliani's “zero tolerance” policy for crime. Start at the bottom and work your way up, as people felt safer knowing that others were not only helping to keep the streets safe, but recruiting the young boys who would otherwise join gangs to join “the other team” it assisted quite well in allowing the NYC police department to start getting serious on ALL crime that leads to the societal disrespect that gunfights are merely the end result of. Boston may never be able to accept that anyway.
New York actually started at the bottom by arresting and citing people with EVERY crime. Littering, jaywalking, loitering, shoplifting and whole slews of “victim less” crimes were being prosecuted at an astounding rate and with excellent results because most people who get to the point of being totally lawless were usually weaned on being disrespectfully lawless. Boston appears to have that all skewed anyway as the head of the Boston patrolman’s association Tom Nee immediately condemned the whole concept of the Guardian Angels coming in by saying that they needed more police and more community involvement as apposed to a vigilante organization. This is a pile of crap because the union always trumps good intentions as anytime there is more funding for more police it always translates into more overtime, and too exhausted to help anything police because that is what HE really means. You see where the people might find it easier to side with the “bad people” as long as they get left alone? The Guardian Angels whether you like it or not get looked up to by many kids on the verge of being bad, and they should be given a chance. Most young boys read comic books when they are a kid and they see Superman and Batman and want to be them.
As time goes on and they see nothing but hopelessness then they simply decide to go where they feel safer, and by that point they have been taught that criminal is just a word people use, but nobody really respects the meaning of. Giving these kids the opportunity to see the other side of it all and have their opportunity to do good things like the people they used to read about is only bad for the people who like the status quo, and you'd be surprised how many people do. At least Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels are going to try regardless of what everyone thinks their intentions are during a time when well respected ministers and community activists are sending out statements to the press that “People should just stay out of Boston. It isn’t safe for tourists,” and there is a point that I happen to agree with them on. ;8o)

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