Monday, 13 February 2012

Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop and I Do Understand Why

This is the vid that went viral on YouTube.  A parent fired nine bullets into his daughter's laptop because she had ranted on FaceBook [FB] to her friends about having to do daily chores with lots of cursewords.  Dad had spent 130 dollars on new software for her and updated her laptop for six hours and then found her FB curse-laden rant.  Daughter also had blocked parents-- and church friends but not the family dog-- from reading that particular post.  [N.B. I read that bit about the blocking of church friends and the family dog somewhere but I couldn't find it again].

here is the direct link to the vid in case the embedded one here is not working for you:

sapphoq says: There are things that even a fresh pot of coffee won't fix and this may be one of them.  Dad had said he wasn't able to get her attention with the less extreme method of grounding her for three months last time she did something dumb on FB.  I salute him for getting through to her in possibly the only way that would have worked under the circumstances. 
                        My parents both worked full time when I was younger.  By sixth grade, I was doing all of the grocery shopping for the week and trotting a week's worth of clothing down to the laundrymat.  On top of that, I dried the dishes every night, made my bed every morning, and vacuumed and dusted on Saturdays.  I went to bed at 9p.m. right on up through the end of high school.
                        So yeah, kids need discipline.  That's part of what being a parent is about.  To the family, I wish you the very best.  Dad, I know you will stick to your guns.  Daughter, I read you've been offered a job in a local ice cream parlor or cafe or something.  I think that is a great and I hope you will say yes to that job.
                        With that, I'm out.,0,7989379.story

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