Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What I Earn Through Me and Others

It’s Tuesday morning, and like I do every Tuesday morning, I gather up all of the trash, and package it up for the garbage men to take it sometime after I go to work. Over the last few months this was quite the miserable task, freezing cold, fingers numb, icicle hanging off my nose, but today is beautiful out. The air is warm, there is a cool breeze flowing in from the west, and yes I am enjoying taking the garbage out. I earned this, and as I didn’t bitch about the snow, and I thoroughly enjoyed the great workouts shoveling it, I have now earned this beautiful weather in which I will take walks and enjoy wearing less clothing.

I’m sure people get really sick of my attitude. That Jeremy just brags about his health, talks about politics like he knows something, rambles on about history, and acts like he is the greatest blogger ever. I earn all that too, every day. I write, I go to the gym, I stay up on current events, and I read a lot of history. I keep a positive attitude because I have to. Deep down inside I am the most negative, miserable human being on the face of the earth. I was a miserable drunk, blacked out all the time, furious at the world and starting fights with everyone to get even with everyone for a miserable childhood. Boo Freaking Hoo. You are what your parents make you and if you choose to stay that way then BLAME YOU.

To be honest with you all, which is what this particular blog of mine is all about, I had to learn to turn my misery outward. No that doesn’t mean that I share my misery and transpose it on others, it means that I enjoy the misery of others especially if they bring it on themselves. Does it mean that I wish misery on others? Nope I wish everyone could be as happy as I am, but the fact of the matter is that most people won’t be more often than they can’t be, and I get a chuckle out of it simply because I am grateful that I am not that person anymore.

I just dealt with snow banks that were taller than myself the entire winter, and I did it with a SHOVEL not a snow blower. I was grateful for all of the exercise I got, and how healthy it made me feel. I was elated that I could actually do it and do it very good at that. I was grateful to all the people living down south who thought they were giving me a hard time, knowing that right about now as all my flowers are popping up, full of all that water that has been leaking steadily into the ground, they will be crying and complaining about droughts and heat. I am living a gorgeous day. I don’t care if it rains, the temperature goes through the roof, or falls into the cellar, and nobody can take that away from me, other than me.

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نائل نعمان said...

most people won’t be more often than they can’t be,
That is very deep philosophical sentence i like it