Friday, 16 March 2007


The fossil record indicates that five digits has been the norm for vertebrates for over two hundred million years. Occasionally some species (dinosaurs, including birds) have reduced their complement to three, and snakes did away with them completely, but the fossil record of our particular genus indicates a norm of five in all cases. Extra digits have always been an abnormality for genus homo. As far as skin color is concerned, how much variation do you want? Because we've got it, all the way from jet black to albinism. By the way there are four major races(which is a nonscientific word for subspecies), and dozens of populations which are difficult to classify. Are Indians (Asian indians) Negroid because of their skin color? Nope, they're Caucasian by heritage, bone structure and every other way. Skin color is constrained by the pigment melanin, and there is no way we could have developed green or purple subspecies. As far as giantism or dwarfism, we could not be very much larger than we are. Those of our species who exceed the average height of the Tutsis, who are the tallest normal human population, at up to 7 feet, have extreme physical problems because of their height. As for dwarfism, there is homo florensis, and we still have the African pygmies. The major area of "culling" in human population has been in the area in which there has been notable increase over the millennia--BRAIN POWER. The smart ones, like the ones who accept evolution, live, and the dolts who insist in the face of all evidence that the world is only 6,000 years old, die. Quit reading the Bible for your answers to science questions, because they ARE NOT THERE!!!!!

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