Sunday, 7 July 2013

Must Have Coffee

I love a good cup of coffee.  Coffee is an acquired taste.  It is not natural for any of us to want the stuff.  We have to learn to appreciate it.

I was a tea drinker until one day the tea ran out.  There was coffee-- only coffee-- and I was thirsty.  "Why not water?" you inquire like some health freak.  I've got nothing against water in general.  I drink water.  And not the flavored kind you pay for at the grocery store either.  The problem on that particular day was location.  The water in that particular town was undrinkable.  Period.  Tasted like sulphur.  So water was out.

Actually, I truly don't remember any such day like that day.  I suppose that over a period of time, I decided that drinking coffee was more adult than drinking tea.  By the time I had grown out of that sort of thinking, I had acquired a taste for the stuff.  By personal accounts, coffee makes many people wake up.  They drink it and they get more alert temporarily.  I drink it and it calms me down.  I can go to sleep on coffee if I am tired enough.  

So yeah, must have coffee.  Must calm down a bit.  Or relax.  Whatever.  It's coffee for me please.


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