Friday, 4 May 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 4

Well the American news media has found a new platform in which to stand these days that gets a lot of people riled up in the new mantra of “Freedom of speech being the actual right to be heard,” and it immediately brought a bitter taste to my mouth as it totally defies common sense from the get go. Like most things that happen these days as it pertains to being actually indoctrinated into you by the popular news media sources, it requires little thinking outside the box and loses it's amusement rather quickly when you are forced to see that you may indeed be surrounded by a lot of people that actually refuse to think for themselves. I am talking about the newest assault on my sanity which was John Mellencamp's ingenious idea to add Joan Biaz to his performance at Walter Reed medical center. This immediately was denied by the people in charge of the military entertainment, and within hours it was being portrayed as a “Free speech” violation throughout the news.

The entire belief that her obvious anti war sentiments throughout her own history of existence had anything to do with the decision at first makes a compelling argument except for the fact that a second look will also tell you that Rage Against the Machine has performed at Walter Reed and actually has a far more radical anti war stance than Biaz did on her best day. They have been recorded screaming anti war sentiments that include hanging and burning the president, the fact that they have performed there recently is being totally omitted from any of these stories because it would lead to a more simple answer to why she is not allowed to perform there. That is simply the fact that nobody there wants to listen to her. My own brain told me that almost immediately as I thought to myself, “Mother of God she sucks,” before I even remembered that she was an anti war pro socialist zealot for her entire career. On that note I also say, “More power to her,” but I would rather have died on the battlefield then have to listen to her music while I was trying to recuperate from my injuries and I am pretty sure that the soldiers that all tend to be a lot younger than me, feel the same way. This is a fact, nothing more, nothing less. I could go on and on about how the very same people that whine about torture for terrorists are now promoting torture for our war wounded but I think once is enough.

Mellencamp is far from being without sin in all of this as he couldn't possibly be stupid enough to think that her music would be relevant to a 20 year old, and personally should be ashamed of himself for even thinking about making a military hospital into a circus or even doing anything to try to force his ideals on to people that just don't want them regardless. The media who was clamoring for the next great “Free Speech” debate just happen to be the very same people that have fought tirelessly to ban people from saying certain words that they can get a gang charged up over. Think about Don Imus, and his lack of a job today and what really caused all of the fervor and then tell me that the news media really wants free speech. Without even having to go too far outside the box, the news media in America is still trying to install the old Communist Manifest of controlling all of the speech and they will employ any old “useful idiot” that they can get their hands on to succeed in that one way or another. Joan Biaz can feel free to “atone” for her Vietnam War Sins {which is how the spin is going on why she wanted to be there} by going and performing at the VFW and AmVet halls where she can actually look at a lot of the people that felt personally effected by her actions, but that doesn't appear to have the type of forced spectators that makes the bigger circus. Please keep in mind that I am not even a Joan Biaz hater because unlike Jane Fonda and John Kerry who actively participated in enemy propaganda she was just doing free speech and peacefully in her day as an artist. This is not then and she has no relevance as an entertainer to the military so again I say shame on Mellencamp for all of this bologna!

If I were to cut even deeper into the problem as I had alluded to before, it is this very type of beahavior that makes people angry. We remove things that a lot of people think are good from common speech, and then we insist that not only do others have the right to say what they want, but you are going to be forced to listen all the time. We’ve removed all racial epitaphs from any sort of public speaking to the point where using a word like niggardly {a real word for cheap or stingy} will get you chastised and more likely then not, you will lose your job over it. While at the same time, if a bunch of soldiers who are in a hospital recuperating from injuries on a battlefield, don’t want to hear a questionably talented dinosaur from the last big circus of a war, then they are being closed minded. Perhaps we should insist that Puff Daddy and Anthrax perform at the next AARP meeting and see how big that is. We could run around saying that their “Freedom of Speech” is being violated, and then protest the AARP.

This is why I get infuriated by polling and campaign finance reform. As a typical non-owner of any media outlets in this world my opinion doesn’t mean jack shit and neither does any of yours. A lot of people may believe that the media is out there doing a good job on our behalf and a lot of that actually is a 3 phase issue. First being the people who have simply believed what they have heard their whole lives and don’t really think outside the box. Second being those that are skeptical of everything they hear on the media and simply throw their hands up in the air as they are powerless. The third being those that are skeptical of the media and when they speak up against it they are completely closed off from it, or worse yet they have their speech taken away from them. A good example of this would be the NAACP and those that represent the “Black People” in America. You know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the only ones allowed to speak for these people and the news media totally reinforces that. Come to me and tell me about “Free Speech” when Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Jesse Peterson, or Condoleezza Rice are allowed to speak on behalf of anyone. They have been closed out of that loop despite reaching the pinnacles of their chosen fields and predominantly doing it on their own with no public hand outs or steps up.

I was listening to a very intelligent talk show host in Los Angeles today who happens to be a black man, and he was up in arms about illegal immigration because out in Los Angeles {The Liberal equivalent of Mecca where everything should be perfectly fair and equal} that black people are almost completely unemployable. He took a trip with his wife out to Washington DC and she was absolutely shocked to see that black people were allowed to work in the Airport there and more over in the McDonalds. We take these things for granted across this country and consider these things “shit jobs” but in southern California you are completely closed off from any of these jobs unless you can speak Spanish, and in a lot of circumstances you are closed off from any of these services unless you can speak Spanish as well. It’s such a given that they don’t even talk about, and the news is NOT going to let the rest of the country know where we are going. I don’t see any of the “Civil Rights” leaders out there fighting the good fight. No press coverage, absolutely nothing while it is considered a simple fact of life. In reality the freedom to speak and be heard are there just like you would think they are, just not in English and apparently the news media is just fine with that. ;8o)

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sapphoq said...

I was in Los Angeles recently at the Amtrak station switching trains Jer and kudos to Amtrak for hiring people who may or may not speak Spanish or any other language besides English.

News mediacs leave much to be desired which is why I try to read news from many sources instead of from the libs or the conservatives or any other only.

Seems to me the soldiers at Walter Reed should be the ones to decide who they wish to listen to sing-- not some news mediacs who think that Joan Baez is the greatest thing since rocquefort. It is an insult to speak her name or the name "Jane Fonda" to some or many of our enlisted men and women as well it should be. So I stick my tongue out at John M. and the mediacs.

There is such a thing as private property also-- which is why a mall can demand adherence to a basic dress code and have someone arrested for wearing a teeshirt purchased at the mall itself which reads, "give peace a chance."

At any rate, the point is ain't no one allowed to yell "Fire" during a movie under the guise of freedom of speech when there ain't no flames.

So now we got mediacs yelling "fire" and thinking they are covered under the freedom of speech thing. Only they are in an arena where the only fire just might be of their own making.

spike q

ps I missed ya when I was gone!

Jeremy Crow said...

I love that term Mediacs I am going to have to steal that one :P ... Missed you too Spike ;-)