Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Protests again across the country

It has been said at first you don't succeed you must try and try again...But with that in mind is used a bit of common sense about the above statement. Today marks the Anniversary of the day that alot of Illegals/Legal immigrant's took to the streets and started the protest for how they make our America work better...That we as Americans cannot survive without Illegals/Legals. Let me first set the record straight for those that are either new to my blog or for those that don't go back and read some of my old post. I welcome anyone (as do many) to this land of the free..but come over here and do it the Legal way and with that you take on the custom of being thankful for the flag that gave you that freedom from whatever country you came from, we don't ask that you forget your roots..but for God's sake don't burn the American flag the flag that gave you the freedom from whatever struggle you came here for to begin with. Don't act like a traitor to this land..For I will tell you we don't like it. This isn't a show, nor reality came here for a reason and with passion to get over here to America. Don't piss on it!!!! Where exactly am I going with all this?
Today was yet another protest!!!!!!!! Here and probably across the United States and with that I just wonder what are you really fighting for? The protest in Detroit was yet another "Demand" a stop put on immigration raids and deportations. You have got to be kidding me? I mean hello did someone forget about 9-11???? Raids are there to protect us so we don't have what happened to us once happen again. That goes for Legal and Illegal!!! That is what this world has come to, like it or not. This group of immigration happens to be from Mexico..and from the news report there happens to be 150,000 immigrations in the state of MI and no one really knows how many are legal and how many are Illegal. What does that tell you? Now mind you there are some hard honest working people that come to this country and want to do the right thing, I get that..the unfortunate thing about this is there are also the bad ones as well and with that is where the problem comes in. Alot of the Illegals/Legals come here mad at the Americans because they have to wait so whose fault do you think that is? Its not the Americans fault; Do you think for one second that we just want anyone in this country after so many lives were lost? Do you think we want people in our country that are going to burn our flag? Do you think that we want to have people over here that are going to just burn up the system? We want productive people, people that are passionate about this country and care about this country and people that care about our men and women in Iraq. People that want to make a difference...Not people that are going the threaten and put Demands on us..It just doesn't make sense.
Have the huge crowd of protest and say what you want to say...but I am for the person that came over here legal...and the person that came over here and paid their dues to this country and stood out away from those crowds waving the American flag and saying I am with Lady Liberty.

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sapphoq said...

Well said Mare.
Here I will insert that the day I left Phoenix for Sedona, there were planned immigrant protests slated for some American cities-- besides Detroit I know Phoenix and San Diego were also included, along with San Antonio Texas and some other places I've forgotten now.

I think it was in Detroit [or Chicago?] where immigration rights protesters were burning the statue of Liberty in effigy...that really upset me. This here is a great country and I am proud to be a second generation American with four grandparents who came here from different countries legally.

While away, my friend from Mt. Vernon Illinois was complaining that construction jobs all over Illinois were going to the illegal Mexicans over Americans [presumably cuz they would work for less wages or under the table?]; a friend from Phoenix was telling me that the San Francisco mayor had declared his city to be a "sanctuary" for the illegals [I haven't checked out that story yet so no references], and a lawyer in Phoenix had taken out billboards advertising his services and declaring in bold blue letters, "Legal o ilegal, usted tiene derechos."

Husband was hoping for Mexican coins in my change-- none was to be found. In both San Diego and Phoenix, it appeared that any illegals were very busy attempting to blend in. The deportation buses in Phoenix could be seen at least twice daily.

spike q

p.s. I want people to come to the United States who do so legally.