Friday, 27 April 2007

And the next Prez is.....?

Merry meet. Ok, I know it is not even close to election day, and we still have primaries to go through. but who the heck do we go for? Edwards? LOL! No! He was a good contender, until I heard he wants to give his neighbor the boot, cuz him, and his wife doesn't like his yard. What a kick huh? He don't have my vote.

And now let's look at Oboma. Oboma who? I never heard of this guy until now. And do you think this country is gonna vote for him? Hello! He's a foreigner. I'd vote for him, if I knew who the heck he was. But this country is not gonna vote him in. This country can't even tell the difference between Iraq, and Afghanistan! Most people probably think he's a terrorist.

And then we have Hillary. Dear sweet, emotionless Hillary. He doesn't care what she has to do to get votes, she'll do it. And she does not understand a thing. I'm not sorry for saying this, but she let Bill make her look like a dumb shit. And another thing, I don't think she has the brains to run a country. She is not the right woman to be the first woman prez.

And now Sen. John McCain. He is the one I'd vote for, only because the other ones are dumber then he is. If no one else steps up, and these are the only ones we get, We're screwed. I gonna write a monkey. Cuz a monkey would be better then any of these people. Whoever wins, is gonna get a war torn country; that needs to get out of Iraq. Just got them out. But, I can say this; The next prez will be better then monkey see, and monkey do.

(Bush, and Cheney)

I leave with these final thoughts. The people we vote for, are not what they seem to be. All the say is what we want to hear. They don't care about us. they only care about what is best for them, and their party. Our job as voters is to decide who is going to screw us over the least. The people in our government are not always to be trusted. More often, we shouldn't even trust them with a pet rock. But these are the people who we choose to run this country. We know they don't do what they say. Well, they do some of them, when it gets close to re-election time. And then we seem to forget how dumb they are. Never forget how these politicians are from pre-election, to re-election. Vote for the ones who will screw us over the least. Blessed be, Elder RavenFire.


Frogzilla said...

Yep, looks like McCain's got my vote too.

I don't like Hill the Pill and I never have, not even in my previous reincarnation as some sort of "democrat."

I love your monkey pic. Priceless.


sapphoq said...

Actually Obama is not a foreigner. He either is a Muslim convert or was brought up in a Muslim household but has left the faith-- depending upon which news source one believes.

Having said that, I don't care for Hill the Pill any more than Frogzilla does. McCain will never be as squeaky clean as Reagan was. It is
Guiliani who got my vote.

spike q.
the darling of sapphoq dot com