Sunday, 15 April 2007


The lady in this news article
had one hundred fifty live rabbits and eighty eight dead ones.
She lives in Argus, Oregon. Seems to me that if she really loved
rabbits as she says she does, she wouldn't have 88 dead ones in
her freezer.

She is a bunny rabbit hoarder.
So much so that she tried to take her rabbits back from a
"secure police facility" by breaking in.

So she is on probation for five years and subjected
to any recommended mental hell treatment for
five years and cannot have any live animals
for five years.

If she still lived in Argus,
maybe I'd invite her to
a nice platter of

A cruel streak, yeah.
I got one. So what?
I coulda helped
myself to stopping
that last comment
but I chose not to.


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