Saturday, 14 April 2007

And the Father is.............

Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannilyn Hope Smith, the father is Larry Birkhead. I am so happy that they now know who the father is. Now all we have to do is wait and find out if he is going to get custody of her. Anna Nicole's mother Vicki, is trying to get custody from Larry Birkhead. When he has said on CNN and MS NBC and a couple of other news channels that he is willing to let Anna Nicole's mother see Dannilyn. How bad of a deal can that be. I would grab up that kind of a deal in a split second.

It angers me to see that everything with Anna Nicole's death and finding out who Dannilyn's father was was drawn out far way too long. Everything should have been done right away none of this would have taken this long to find out. Yes, I can understand the autopsy taking a little while to get finished and find out the results but for the DNA test for Dannilyn, that took way too long. IMO. Some things should be done right away and that is one thing that should have been done because she deserves to be with her father and start making that bond that a daddy and a little girl have. It is a wonderful bond. I love the bond that I have with my father. Too many people were involved in the case and there were way too many people There should have been one attorney for each person and no more and then they should have had a time limit to get there facts for their case out and then sit down and listen to the other testimony. Then it had to be dragged out for way too long, Anna Nicole deserved to be put to rest right away and there shouldn't have been any argument of where to bury her. That was a very simple answer, next to her son Daniel, like she had wanted to be. Plus, you can tell by the pictures that have been flashed all over the news channels and in the papers, that she loved Daniel dearly.

Anna Nicole Smith may have done some things that some people may not have agreed with but she in no way deserved to be treated the way that she has been. She is a beautiful woman that showed she had a heart and loved her son and daughter dearly. May the Gods and Goddesses help her Rest in Peace in the Summerland Always.

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