Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Solving the Puzzle

What is missing? Do you ever feel that you are missing some bigger picture out of the news? Lately I read what gets posted in the news then I find myself searching and searching to see what really the news is trying to tell us. Now that I have spend countless hours waisting time trying to figure out what was really supposed to be said, I have now second guessed myself and determined the news should of just reported the news the way it was supposed to be taken to begin with. No, instead I have spent all this time trying to solve Da Vinci code.
Which brings me to the point of the blog. Lately there has been most of the shift between bringing our troops home, to the recent Illegals. So therefore we are brought to the table like a Little child being talked to by our parents about sex and remember when they would talk to us in that touchy feely kind of way? "Well you know about the birds and the bees right?" OH, Please get on with it allready. Now please don't get me wrong, I do firmly believe that there are some things that "We the people" should not have to be told. There are just somethings under National Security that I believe by telling us we are causing more damage then good. Which is where I started off in my blog. Media feels the need to have to tell all of us, or do all of us have to know? Or is it both? So when you go through the news and hear about something that gets you going are you going to search around to find the answer the one hidden within the puzzle? Can you solve the puzzle?

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