Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm So Sick Of

That was the Twitter "trend" last night that piqued my interest.  Except on Twitter it looked like this:


and so it began.  First I tweeted [that's a word which means "typed in 140 characters or less" or sometimes "microblogged"] that:

          #ImSoSickOf Twitter Trends.

 Then I thought some more and tweeted a whole bunch more stuff.  They all start off with #ImSoSickOf:

     not fitting in.

   people fighting on Twitter. And then picking others to group-block until they get banned. Not just the Christians doing it.

   all of us fighting instead of finding some common ground to talk about. We can do better than this.

   the U.N. trying to run the Internet. Agenda 21. Illegal immigrants. the Gun Wars. Let's enforce the laws we have b4 making more.

   not being able to translate my talents into work that I love.

   people who assume that they know me.

   injustice. The women of the First Nation deserve to have the crimes committed against them fully investigated.  #Rape is never ok.

   watching people continue to promote abusive behavioral mod programs and send their kids or someone else's kids to them. #FAIL.

   people justifying the evil that they do.

   people demanding that I be grateful for the crumbs. I'm baking my own loaf of bread. Ain't no stopping me now.

   professionals believing that they know what's best for me as if I don't.  Look, if you don't want to help me, get outta my way.

   people demanding that we all fit into nifty little political molds. I don't. I suspect most aware people don't. So go away.

   having to deal with a society that is content to let their privacy be snatched away. Privacy is necessary for true security.

   living in fear whenever I exercise my first amendment rights. The terrorists of 9/11 have won. Our rights [are] going #DownTheTubes.

   religious people assuming that without any gods, morals and conscience do not exist.

   people who judge my #AnonFamily.  We are all humans trying to live on this planet without blowing each other up. I <3 b="" you="">#anon
   winter. Waiting for spring so I can travel.

   everyone calling each other names. Liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc. Stop it.

   bullies, drama queens, snotty neighbors, snitches, informants, spies, and drones.

There was one more trend that I tweeted for:

          #ThingsSarahPalinHasNeverDone offer to sleep with my dad who I am quite sure would say yes.

Then I went back to #ImSoSickOf:

   Twitter asking me to import my contacts from my e-mail.  That's a big fat NO @twitter.  READ ME NOW?  #JustSaying.

   exclusionary tactics.

   what the politicians are doing in their belief that we need protection from our selves.

   trolls with no skillz.

   calling tech support and finding out that I know more than they do. So like, I quit calling. And I don't even know enough yet.

   people going to jail for civil disobedience getting more jail time than rapists and human traffickers and homocidists[sic].   #FAIL.

  people who don't understand the first thing about #Anonymous bashing my #AnonFamily.

   the woo-woo.

   people who try to take over public space with their private sentiments.

   people on all sides blocking each other.  @twitter, how about NOT using how many times someone gets blocked as suspension?

   the insanity.

   Because #ImSoSickOf the politicians giving it to us, I support #Anonymous.  Because #ImSoSickOf business as usual, I'm changing how I live.

   these meaningless trends-- who is jennette and why should we love her, what is snl, oomf, turnup, eureka7, symbiotic titan???

   the BS & lies that politicians on all sides tell us. I don't need platitudes. Anything worth having is worth working for.

   people trying to dictate to me what I should believe, think, or how I should behave. Civil rights for all civils.

   the hate.

I recorded all of this here as stuff I may write more about sometime.  Or maybe not.  Last night I also had a bit of a melt-down over a wi-fi problem that I wrestled with for an hour and a half.  But I did get it fixed.  And as a bonus, I found a security flaw in my system.  Or rather, found a security flaw in my system that I actually recognized as being a security flaw.  I fixed it.  

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