Sunday, 29 July 2007

Another day is here and we awake to the sun upon us,
I feel refreshed as the energy from the sun awakens my soul.

Do you feel that sense of power from the sun?
Do you feel that energy how it brightens your day?

My soul becomes clean, and the feeling of energize
just from the sun and the feeling I get.

How can we ever be so blind to not see what it is around us that gives us the power to be so strong?
How can we turn our cheek from mother earth and all of the energy she provides for us?

Take a moment to see around you, believe in the power you have, for with that power you have
is the power from the sun, the rocks, the water, the trees.
When you tune into what that is, there is a feeling that you will know when it comes.

Do you feel the brightness in your day?
Does your soul feel refreshed?
Another day is upon us, and I feel the sun give me the energy to make it through my day.


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