Thursday, 19 July 2007

My cousin is in need

Hello all, I am sending this to you requesting healing prayers and blessings, here is the story.

My Cousin Brooke, is in need of healing blessings. She is going to be 12 years old in a few days and she has had one brain surgery to remove a tumor that if it grew back, there wouldn't be anything that they would be able to do about it. Well, for about 6 months she was doing fine and then she went back in for another check up, and she was getting headaches and having problems seeing, to make sure that the tumor hadn't grown back they did another scan to see and it had started growing back. The doctors wanted to send her to Tennessee, to St, Jude's Children's hospital but they were full and they couldn't do anything different then what they could do at Mayo Clinic, so they kept Brooke at home with her mom, who was pregnant and named the baby Marie Brooke. Brooke started chemotherapy and radiation about three weeks ago and she seemed to be taking the treatments alright, she was just a little tired from the treatment. Nothing out of the ordinary. The doctors let her skip one of the chemo and radiation treatments because she wanted to go to camp, and she had a blast while she was there. And that was just last week. Earlier tonight my mom got a phone call from my uncle, Brooke's grandpa, telling us that this morning her mom and other sisters had to help her out of bed because one side of her body was almost completely numb. And today she had a doctors appointment to check and see how everything is going and the tumors that she has are growing even with chemo and radiation treatments that she has been receiving and there was nothing else that was possible that they could do any more. So they decided to stop the chemo and radiation treatments. And a couple of hours later after that phone call my mom received another phone call telling us that Brooke had already worsened today and was in a wheel chair because she couldn't even walk. That is how bad the tumors are. And the Make-a-Wish foundation is taking her and her family down to Disney world, next week just before her birthday. Which will be fun for her and her family.

Please pass this on to anyone that you know and ask for as many healing prayers and blessings as possible to be sent to Brooke. She is a sweet and fun-loving girl and doesn't deserve to pass on in the beginning of life.

Thank you for any prayers and blessings. All are appreciated.

Lady Isis Aradia

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