Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sneezes are like Orgasms

Sneezes are like orgasms. You either get the full blown effect (no pun intended) or you get the build up, but no climax. But it certainly depends on whether you like the feeling you get when you sneeze (not the after effect that makes you feel dopey and miserable, but the stress-relieving climactic force of sneezing, which is not unlike having an orgasm.)

Personally, I like a good sneeze. But when you build up to a big sneeze and then nothing happens. Oh, grr, it makes you feel like that sneeze rode you hard and put you away wet! Quite a let down I tell ya. And it's just as frustrating as getting right to the edge of climax, and your partner gets up and leaves. Leaves you wanting to rip their head chose which one ladies!

Posted By Ms. Issues to Ms. Issues In Love at 6/30/2007 07:48:00 AM

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sapphoq said...

I have a rousing sneeze once a day.