Saturday, 21 July 2007

God Bless The Idiots - Volume 15

Well in another side of the rational universe Harry Reid decided to show his resolve by scheduling an “All Night” senate session geared towards setting a deadline for troop withdrawal from Iraq. Many people out there think that this is a great idea, some think it is a bad idea, but most see it as exactly what it is, and that would be a “Fund Raising” stunt. The thought that pulling “All Night” sessions to get important business done appears to be a great marketing strategy as the total lunatics that energize the base of the Democratic Party will start donating to their re-election coffers like crazy, but as far as simply staying up all night to take votes that will never pass is concerned it is just bad business in general for everyone else. My biggest concern in all of this is that with the help of the news media the Democrats in Congress are being allowed to beat down the mentally handicapped to the point of being abused.

Why would I be so blunt about that? Well the fact is that the Congress now has an approval rating of less than 14%, and for a bunch of people who are running around whining about the “Will Of The People” all the time that would stand to mean that the “Will Of The People” is that Congress Sucks. Part of that has a lot to do with their inability to listen to what people really want, and the other 14% of total morons that think this Congress is just peachy, do not represent people even born on planet earth. They have no concept of things outside of their own little box but they do have the ability to raise funds for extreme causes and that is all that matters to this Congress. It is the easy way out unfortunately because this small group of fringe left wing never think about the consequences of their own actions as long as they get their short term goals met.

Take the war in Iraq for instance. It's fine to disagree with it but the arguments against it are a lot more irrational then the average person seems to acknowledge at times. Constantly harping on issues like “No weapons of Mass Destruction” or “We haven't caught Osama Bin Laden” merely energizes the other side's resolve every bit as much as you think it energizes yours. Logic and history are still on the side of the pro Iraq War crowd and it will never go away until there is more intelligent debate over it. First of all there were a lot more reasons for going into Iraq and any one of them would have been good enough to most on the other side. Demeaning them by saying things like “He just wants to avenge his daddy” {as a slight on Hussein's assassination attempt on GHW Bush} simply brings resolve to people like myself that remind people that he was a President and the same attempt on Bill Clinton should have been met with equal force. Secondly there has NEVER been a war in which the enemy has been captured until the end. Hitler was found dead at the END of World War 2 and the Emperor of Japan was was left in his “Ceremonial” role afterwards too. We never went to get King George at the end of the Revolutionary War and so on and so forth. While they quibble about how they want to treat the end of this war they are missing the basic will of the American People which is to WIN the war.

Another horrible truth for those on that side of the isle is that War is not a game. In a game you have defined rules and a start and an end time. In War you have two ending conclusions. You either Win or you Lose. Despite all the revisionism that occurs we forget that all wars end with a winner and a loser or they don't end. In the case of Japan and the United States, Japan lost and the United States won and there was peace between the two countries. In the case of Vietnam, North Vietnam won and we lost and there has been peace between the two countries. In the latter of the two we had a situation in which they had a strategy to win from the very beginning and we not only didn’t but we had a Congress that was interfering and the North Vietnamese knew this and simply waited for the ending and proclaimed victory by force. All the revisionism in the world doesn’t change that fact, and we have the same thing going on here but for a different set of circumstances.

Idiocy on the part of the Bush administration is definitely the reasoning behind the poor state of affairs right now, and I have no problem admitting that but the reason I admit that is different then others. Through appeasement he managed to fight a war on the terms of everyone else and ended up in a quagmire, and what he heeded to do was treat it like the wars in the past that we won. Sadly as you watch the behavior of the Congress and the news media in this country you can see that we will never win wars until we re-establish the parameters. We should have invaded Iraq, taken it by force, killed off all of the petty tribal dictators and religious zealots, occupied the country in a totalitarian fashion, enforced one law and one law alone which would have been “If you are caught in the streets with a gun you die” and then maintained order. During that time a government could have been formed while the people felt safe, bolstered, and we would have been gone by now. The world would have called us Imperialist, and they would have hated us, and when we left and the Iraqi people were running their own country with security and hope, nobody would have ever given us the credit for it. That’s how it works no matter what and that is where Bush and his people are a bunch of idiots. Leaders lead, and whiners whine and it will never change.

Now we are left with a bunch of politicians catering to the total morons in this country that have been ruining it since the 60s anyway. The greatest generation {those that fought in World War 2 and those that supported them} saw their own spoiled rotten, overly enlightened children destroy what actually creates peace, and that is the ability to win wars get stripped from America, and now a new generation of children who can see as plain as the nose on their faces how dumb the baby boomers were and they are still enlisting to fight the war on terrorism at record pace. The kooks are still trying to hold the country hostage with the help of the dinosaurs that run the Congress, and will have to be dragged from their kicking and screaming while many think that they are actually doing something to end a war. Ending the war in defeat because those in the Islamic Extremist community DO want to go out and create chaos, kill everyone, rape, pillage, and enjoy the free pass that they will get when they do because it will all be America’s fault. That’s what they will be teaching every generation from here on out, and those that deny it aren’t as stupid as we think they are. A lot of them love it.

I have a few suggestions for the wonderfully enlightened that want to end expensive wars all over the world, by giving you a few wars that the dolts that run Congress can feel free to end. First I would suggest the war on drugs. We have been fighting this war against a much more diabolical enemy that lives among us and kills and victimizes more Americans than anyone in the Middle East. Unlike the belief that spending more money to fight that war is a great idea, perhaps simply ending that 50 year old war would save American lives. Buying drugs from the local drug store after it goes through a rigorous testing process and using the taxes for treatment programs and education couldn’t hurt! How about the war on Prostitution? MILLIONS of women have died from this war because of the legal ramifications of being involved in it. How can a woman get away from a drug crazed pimp when to go to law enforcement means that SHE goes to jail? Again the taxes and other things that could be levied and the crime syndications that would have no reason for existing anymore would make that war another boon to the anti war crowd! How about the war on poverty? How much of that money, resources and time gets to the poor? When the government got involved it appears that it all got worse, go figure!

The worst part about all of this is that I am totally serious here. The United Nations will always have a slew of places that they want to send the United States military to solve humanitarian crisis’ and the fact is the only ones that they don’t want us in are the ones that protect our safety. They will never thank us, they will never support us, and they will never stop. Everyone I have met that is on their way into the military have different reasons for going in but almost all of them say the same thing somewhere in it. “I want the terrorists to fight trained soldiers somewhere else and not civilians here,” which is what is happening. Like those that want to believe that there is some big conspiracy to keep the truth from you on 9/11 that Bush really did it, you have to be an even bigger idiot to think that you can keep a million soldiers from talking. The tens of thousands of people that it would have taken to pull off a coup on 9/11 by our own administration would be just as hard to keep quiet, and the dozen military men and women that speak out against the war in Iraq is the same deal. The people on the left seem to like their consensus and their majorities when it fits their own needs but none of them are as overwhelming as that. Don’t forget that when it is all said and done that digging as deep as you can to get at what you want to be the truth usually just leaves you in a big hole ;8o)

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