Thursday, 27 June 2013

These Truths I Hold part 2

These truths I hold to be self-evident, in no particular order: Part 2:

30.  DOMA-- the Defense of Marriage Act-- was ruled as unconstitutional today by the Supreme Court.
31.  I haven't had any evidence so far of a stampede of people rushing to marry their pet horses or their favorite zoo giraffes.
32.  "If there were only gay people in the world, that would be the end of civilization" is not a true statement.  Some of us do it with volunteer donors or with turkey basters.  Yes, people who are not straight can and do have kids.
33.  Kids growing up in households where the parents are not straight do not have an increased percentage of "turning out gay" than kids growing up in households where one or both parents are straight.
34.  Religious straight people do not hold the monopoly on morality.  Religious people do not hold the monopoly on morality.  Straight people do not hold the monopoly on morality.
35.  Most pedophiles are in fact straight.
36.  I don't care for NAMBLA either.  I think civil commitment for life is a great idea for people who have been convicted of sex crimes with children. 
37.  The Supreme Court justices are there to interpret the secular law as it exists; not to tread on the toes of anyone's Almighty.
38.  I think the Government should get out of the marriage business altogether.  If two people get hooked by a religious clergy, that is marriage.  If they get hooked by a justice of the peace or a judge, that is a civil union.  Both should have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities.  Papers that ask about marital status can ask, "Are you in a legally recognized household partnership?" instead.  Or: Single, Together, Divorced, Widowed.
39.  Civil rights for all civils. 

40.  Trolls are defenders of freedom of speech.
41.  Trolls ask the questions that everyone else is too polite to ask.
42.  Trolls with mad skillz are witty and endearing.
43.  Trolls are necessary to life.
44.  An internet without trolls would be a lifeless, dull thing.
45.  The trolls have trolled us by writing all that mean stuff on the internet about trolls.
46.  A wonderful troll forum gave us Anonymous.
47.  Whether you suck or not, you are bound to get trolled sometime.
48.  Trolls do it for the lulz.
49.  Troll the Government.

          ~ to be continued ~    


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