Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A.B.C. Memories Meme

A. "Does anyone here have an aardvark?..."
B. Batman bangs one summer, cut by my mother. I thought they rocked.
C. Celantano's, a store on Roosevelt Avenue.
D. I used to help Miss Davis in the school library. She had her left leg amputated cuz of cancer.
I was saddened by her death years later.
E. "Everything is beautiful in its' own way..."

F. I swam "like a fish" and I still do.
G. My friend Peggy H. took me to see the play "Grease" in New York City.
H. Life magazine did a spread on the play "Boys in the Band." It was my first exposure to
information on homosexual men and I was fascinated.
I. "i before e except after c."
J. Jesus-tripping. My friend Nancy T. and I drinking Moygan David wine and eating matzas
in a Bloomfield park.

K. I liked bat kites.
L. "L is for the way you look at me..."
M. The first time I saw a mouse in the kitchen, I stood on a chair.
N. The word 'nigger' was socially acceptable in the house I grew up with. I learned better in
seventh grade with the advent of two black classmates and I got to be close friends with
one of them. Thank-you Ann P!
O. I smoked oregano for a whole summer, thinking it was pot.

P. An aunt and uncle had a poodle named Pepe. He liked to do tricks.
Q. I was a founding member of the short-lived Queer Nation in Albany New York.
R. Rehabilitation assumes that I was habilitated in the first place. I wasn't.
S. "Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day." It was Ronzoni in our household though.
T. Another uncle was into model trains. He had a set-up in his basement with a miniature
village and everything.

U. From first through twelfth grade, I went to schools that required uniforms.
V. Nancy T. joined the Air Force and was stationed at Valdosta, Georgia.
W. My mother used to tell me, "The world doesn't revolve around you." Still, a modicum of
attention or interest from her directed my way would have been nice.
X. "X marks the spot." I was quite taken by the book "Treasure Island" and by all things pirate
when I was in grade school.
Y. I used to hate the color yellow.

Z. I remember watching zebras running in Africa on Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom."

spike: sapphoq healing t.b.i.

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