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What to do when you can't sleep...and other juicy bits of TMI

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Well, first I wanted to explain the pictures in my posts, I don't know why, but I originally stated that they were going to be Ansel Adams photography, but so obviously haven't been. Basically what I've been doing, for your entertainment and enjoyment, before I start writing my blog entry, I do a Google image search for a black and white picture of a similar theme to what I plan on writing about. I also look for something that has that "ooooooh" factor, y'know what I mean? Something that's beautiful enough to catch you off guard and make you take a second look. Like the picture at the top of this entry for example. I was looking for "black and white semi-nude couples" and somehow got that in my results and decided to go with it even though it didn't fit my original search criteria. Anyways, on with the show...

So, it's 5am now...I've been semi-lucid, non-semi-comatose since about 4am because my son decided he wanted to get up and come to my bed. No, I don't think so. I had the light on, because I fell asleep with it on and it's the kind he hasn't figured out how to turn off, so he laid there next to me constantly bugging me to turn it off so we could go back to sleep. Nope, no can do. Then, he made the mistake of wiggling his toes near my leg. Completely innocent motion, but at certain times I cannot stand to be touched lightly, I have no clue what it is, but if anyone touches me in a soft or light manner, the werebitch in me speaks up. Well, she did this time and my poor son slunk out of the room half crying croc tears, because I had growled at him and told him to get out out out!

And now I'm wide awake and can't get back to sleep. What to do, what to do? I don't with myself? Nope, not that much fun, would rather have my honey to play with. I could come down here to the computer and look up's more some kind of twisted self-torture I think, especially when you're home alone. Ah ha! I got it! Blog! And so I can bitch and moan to all my readers!! What? There's like 2 of you out there? * chirp...coyote howl...silence* Yeah, okay. Whatever.

I'd play with the other nocturnal beings of the house, my ratties, but they're kinda pissy with me because they've had to subsist on cockatiel food and meow mix for the last 3 days because I ran out of guinea pig food (they eat the same food as Fred the Pig...makes things easier as far as I'm concerned). But, they'll be happy with me by days end, I get my money in and I will get more rattie/pig food for them. I'm wondering if I should do anything about my ailing hairless rattie named Iggy. She's an old girl and all, I just don't know how old...that's the draw back of adopting ratties off FreeCycle. But my honey agrees with me that she's come to her last days because she's been off-balance, fragile looking and kinda lethargic. Last night she fell out of her hammock and just shaking a bit of shavings off her back knocked her over. It saddens me to see her like this, but I don't know what else to do except check on her frequently, keep my son from brothering her, and offer her food and water when needed.

All my noctural beings of the pet rattie nature include 3 black hooded fancy rats, 2 hairless rats (one with dumbo ears), 1 gray hooded dumbo eared rat w/ a waddley rearend, and one seal-point siamese rat. And you thought there were only siamese cats! LOL Their names are as follows, following the same order I just listed them... Velveeta, Shells and Cheese (PetCo $5 rat, and mirror-twins from a friends litter), Iggy and Ziggy (mother and daughter), Sweat Pea aka Cheddar, and Clover. Second only to Iggy, Clover is the oldest so I often times call her "Grandma Clover." I was told Clover was almost 2 years old, if not already 2. But Clover seems to be fairing a lot better than Iggy. Clover seems to be the only one that can harmoniously live with the Ratophile (Velveeta...I think it's a dominance thing, but she rapes the twins whenever they're in the same Velveeta and Clover have their own cage now).

The not so nocturnal beings of the house include Maurice the orange tabby cat of the missing front toes, RatBird and Spaz the lovebirds, and Fred the Pig...aka Mr. Pig whom lives with Iggy, Ziggy and Sweat Pea....and they said to never house guinea pigs with rats!! Of course I'm not the one that put them together, their previous owner did.

Well, I believe I've come to that point that I need to start another blog entry because this one has gotten far too long.

Namaste and mitakuye oyasin.

PS..."Sweat Pea"???"SWEAT Pea"???? WTF was I thinking?!?! Ugh. It's too early. I'm not of the Morning People Race...I MEANT "Sweet Pea" that's Cheddar's nickname because she's just so damned adorable and she's become my favorite.

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