Thursday, 21 June 2007

The truth behind Elder's in Witchcraft

Merry meet. Ok, I won't post to many things about the Craft on here. I'll save that for my personal Blog. But one thing I think should be addressed is Elder's in the Craft. And as an Elder myself, I want to cover this topic. What I want to put to rest is the age of an Elder. The term "Elder" does not mean an older person. An Elder is a person, Man, or Woman who has studied enough in their Craft to teach it. That is one meaning of Elder in Witchcraft-A Teacher.

Now in some Traditions and Elder is a person is seen by their peers has a person, man or woman who is seen fit to teach. The diffeance here is it is a Tradition, or Coven deciding if one is an Elder.

An Elder may also have a role in helping running a clan, Coven, or Grove. Groves are a Druid Tradition, but some Druid Trads, have Elders also.

In all Elders are seen as teachers, and leaders. Solo Witches Decide when they are ready to be Elders. Coveners have a different way of doing things. Both ways are right. Just wanted to clear some things up. Blessed be, Elder RavenFire

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sapphoq said...

I am not elder and not younger.
I am middler.

Nice to read ya Ravenfire.