Thursday, 21 June 2007

Elder RavenFire is beyond mad

Some things do not need to be forgotten. Some things, are too important to forget. Our freedom. Our rights, and our Flag, are such things. Our Flag has fallen into a deep meaningless state of nothingness. People used to see Ole' Glory and know that we were the greatest country on earth. We used to have a government that knew that we needed health care for ALL people. Young, and old. We have people dying in hospitals because they might not have health care. We have people starving on the street because our government just spent 5 trillion dollars in the past 5 years, and can't figure out where the hell, or who the spent it. IT all went for the stupid war. A war based on lies. "weapons of MASS destruction." Where??????? Where the hell are they??? Up a camel's ass?? I think Bush has them up his ass. He should be put on trail for war crimes. He is just like Hitler, and Osama, and Saddam. All we wanted was killing, and bloodshed. He wanted innocent people to die. And what does he have to say, "If we cut, and run, they will follow us here." Bullshit! What does Iraq have?? Camels! Dusty camels! They gonna bomb us with them?? Camels!

My next beyond mad rant is the 5 trillion dollors spent by our goverment on this stupid war. When Bush took office we had a 2 trillion dollor surplus. And now we have a 3 trillion dollor defecet. He spent 5 trillion dollors!!! 5 TRILLION DOLLORS!!!!! How do you spend that much money, in what, 6 years?!?! A stupid war. A pointless war. Bush is the worst thing to EVER, and I mean EVER happen to this country, and infact, to the world. And yes I'm even saying he's worse then disco. But to feed his thirst for blood by spending 5 trillion dollors on killing people. How dare he waste our hard earned money on killing people. That money could have went to health care. Canada, Canada even has better health care then we do. Hell Mexico by now has to have better health care then we do. Medicare, Medical Assistance, (MA) none of that means shit. Most people can't get MA. IF you make one dollor over the limit, they won't cover you. ONE F*&%ing DOLLOR!!!! ONE!!!!!

Now let's look at Bush. Let's look at what that asshole has done to the world. He has cuased more hate, and fear. He has done a lot more to farther the hatered for America. And to make things to beat all hell worse, this all could have been prevented. He knew about 9/11. And he knew about most of the other terrist attacks. Our goverment has known for years, and yes even through the Clinton years about Osama. And Clinton did a damn good job at keeping the peace.

So I leave you hoping you have felt some of my agervation twards our goverment. I love what this country used to stand for. And I hope that one day we can return to that one day. This is one Witch who has stayed silent too long.

Elder RavenFire

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sapphoq said...

Over the weekend, I put out my tall double shepard's hook which was on sale, and a small 1.49 flag, and a plant I had on hand and a bird feeder I had on hand to hang on the hooks.

I love my country.
It seems that disapproval ratings for the president as well as for the demos in congress have gone way way down.

We have a beautiful country.
We voted them politicos in and we can vote them out.

Assuming that we don't become the Mexamericana conglomerate.

I admire your passion. Don't ever lose it. You've come too far now to ever be silenced. I am honored to have you on this blog.

It is hard to be poor and unwell and subjected to the system such as it is. The system is broken.

Yet, I keep striving. Cuz the alternative is worse. Besides politicos and the mediacs, I also hate most doctors and the h.m.o.s who have done a good job of gettin us into this healthcare mess.

There is cheap dental care across what is left of our border to be sure. And a few good hospitals and clinics. Illegal immigrants still flock over here in droves so I can't imagine things are all that much better for poor folks there.

They got good hospitals and stuff. The rich americans go over there to retire.

I'm still looking for my tropical island with the caves and hot springs and high speed internet.

Shall I reserve a cave for you?