Thursday, 28 June 2007

Denied by the people, for the people

It was a few days sense I was with my brother and I had not heard from him, and normally this isn't that big of a deal, but he knew I was on vacation, and we were going to try and get together again before I had to go back to work..So I left him a message...and now I guess you can call it that feeling you know something is up...So we were in the store and my phone goes off, for a message...(bad signal out where i was) It was my brother and just by the tone in his voice, something wasn't right.
The message was about a lady that he works with and she is an older lady, well she had just found out she has a Tumor which she doesn't have insurance, and the hospital has refused to even touch her. They basically told her its a 120lb tumor, and she doesn't even know if its cancer or not. WTF??
My brother is very pissed off, and going on about all the other people in the world in 3rd world countries we are always helping, and we cannot help our own...(I let him vent) He normally is the guy, to make peace...(i could honestly see him in the peace core..just to give you an idea) He has breaking points...and I believe this is one of them..At the same time I am talking to him I am getting a text message from my sister, which is telling me that (remember she is in CO) telling me if she was illegal..she can get in by going to the flea market to get id. I am reading this message as I am listening to my brother who keeps repeating the words..."It doesn't make any fucking sense..I thought the hospital could not refuse you?"
I told him if there is anything thing I could do let me know, but to get her to the state to let them know she was denied health care, and my brother states that is going to takes months, and she may not have months..I told him to at least try, and get the word out there...there are some good people out there..I just cannot believe that this is what its coming to. I know its happening all the time...I guess that it hits hard when it affect the one you love.
I am really in a foul mood now, and it really pisses me off!!! Don't think for one minute it cannot happen to you. This is the world we are living in today, and I want all of you to know if anything were to happen to any of you..I would fight till my fingers bleed..and till I had a voice no more..that is the person I am..all you have to do is ask...I will do what I can. So with that in mind I decided I needed to write to the only elected government offical that has contacted me and this is the letter I wrote:

Dear Mr.Camp,
I would first like to thank you for responding to my letters that I have wrote. You are the only person in office from Michigan that has ever responded to me. I would like to talk again about the immigration debate that is going on, as I know you are against any immigration bill that is put forth to your desk, I would like to talk to you a bit about some of this bill that really doesn't make sense to me.Senate agreed to Gregg Amdt. No. 4114; to amend title II of the Immigration and Nationality Act to reform the diversity visa program and create a program that awards visas to aliens with an advanced degree in science, mathematics, technology, or engineering? There are some great schools out here in Michigan, but I fail to read anything about those schools, instead I am reading about our children that are struggling to even have a school, but yet we are going to award visas to aliens? What about our children? What are they going to get? With more and more lost jobs, I fail to see where this Amendment is going? This is just one of many Amendments that I am reading from this new bill. With all the Amendments that I really don't understand how we as Americans are becoming the 2nd class America.I know where you stand, and I am very grateful for your stance on this issue. I have yet to hear from Senator Stabenow, or Mr. Levin. With more and more people I know without health insurance living in America that are Americans getting denied health care with life threading illness that have worked all their life, and people from across the border getting health care. I am at a lost for words when it comes to this subject anymore. I am very disappointed in how our government is turning it's back on the American people time and time again, and honestly children of this country which would be our future. I am just a voice, and I share with all of you, the only difference is you listen.
Thank you for your time,

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Excellent letter Mare.