Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Murder of Crows - Volume 29

Although I don't think anyone has a patent on inspiration, I try to get it where ever I can. Last Friday it was rainy and cold out, and that means one thing that I rarely can escape, arthritis. My elbows were on fire, and after a few naproxen and some heat wraps I was able to get it all under control. I crawled out of bed thinking to myself that the silver lining in today was that it was leg and torso day, so the flaring pain wasn't really going to interfere with my workout. This is a plus, because sometimes I, like anyone else can find any reason in the world to not go to the gym. Why should it be any different when I have what I think are legitimate reasons?

Well needless to say this week my favorite training partner had been coming back to the gym as the weather had been better than it had been over the winter. He had said he was showing up today, so I figured that I better make damn sure I was going to be there, so he didn't think I stood him up. Throw in the fact that he would be ruthless to me on Monday when he came back again if I was such a pussy that I didn't come in. That one mile drive that I would have to make to come in, seems nothing in retrospective of what he goes through to get to the gym and with the pouring rain today there was a part of me that thought he might not make it, but that little voice in the back of my head was telling me that I better not risk it.

If this all sounds pretty peculiar on the surface you need to know that my friend Tim is in a wheelchair, and he was born with Spina Bifida. Needless to say, helping him out at the gym adds an extra half hour to my workouts, but it is rewarding in a dozen ways at least. First and foremost being that he a cool SOB, but second and most of the rest would be inspiration. You see my one mile drive to the gym doesn't really compare to his bus ride, going through 4 towns, and a transfer, to get into the gym. He comes in and he does what he can to strengthen himself, and the whole time he does it with good cheer and humor. The extra time I take setting him up between my own sets is not a hindrance, to the contrary I have found that it has given me far greater gains in strength and growth. Again in more ways than the vain.

Here comes the fun part, but why in the name of God would he appreciate a right wing whacko, full of ego, completely anti political correctness, and often too headstrong to be of any use to anyone? Well he happens to be the same thing. As scary of a thought s that is, he likes the fact that I don't watch my mouth around him, crack jokes about his disability, whine about the same sports teams and politics, and marvel at how the hour and a half flies by. Of course I don't treat him like he is handicapped, although there are times I will ask him if some evil torture I concocted for him to do is even feasible, but his stubbornness keeps him in tune with what I am doing almost every step of the way. The symbiotic relationship helps him as well from what he has pointed out because I push his boundaries a hell of a lot more than people that are concerned with political correctness. If I used the words “fucking cripple” as much as he did I probably would never stop blushing, so that might change the dynamic as well.

“Well buddy you ruined my whole day,” I told him as he came wheeling in.

“Wait until you help adjust me in the chair and I'm making the sex sounds when the girls walk by,” he threw back at me. “Your arms hurt today?” he threw in because he pretty much knew what I meant. I had told a few people that if he showed up in the pouring rain then it would take away my sympathy for the arthritis acting up. He did end up making sex sounds when I pulled him up in his chair because he slumped, prick!

The workout was briefer than usual because he had a harder time getting in and was running late, but as I taught him, and in turn he had taught me, the object lesson is to “do it and get it over with” before you don't bother doing it at all. We both know as I have ranted in plenty of blogs that it is a lot easier to skip going to the gym when you have the experience of skipping the gym, and even a 30 minute work out will stave that bad habit off. It's getting to the point though where he is starting to get too aggressive about lifting, as he wanted to do chest and shoulders again, but as a big meanie head {or as he put it “picking on the cripple”} I had to kibosh that since he did that the day before. The “picking on the cripple” part came from the fact that I wouldn't grab the weights he wanted, and gave him the bars to work his abs. He hates working abs so that is something we both have in common too, but he did it! He also came wheeling into the gym today and the first words out of his mouth were, “So you going to be nicer to the cripple today, or am I going to have to call the ACLU?” How can you not love a friend like this? :8o)

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