Friday 27 April 2007

And the next Prez is.....?

Merry meet. Ok, I know it is not even close to election day, and we still have primaries to go through. but who the heck do we go for? Edwards? LOL! No! He was a good contender, until I heard he wants to give his neighbor the boot, cuz him, and his wife doesn't like his yard. What a kick huh? He don't have my vote.

And now let's look at Oboma. Oboma who? I never heard of this guy until now. And do you think this country is gonna vote for him? Hello! He's a foreigner. I'd vote for him, if I knew who the heck he was. But this country is not gonna vote him in. This country can't even tell the difference between Iraq, and Afghanistan! Most people probably think he's a terrorist.

And then we have Hillary. Dear sweet, emotionless Hillary. He doesn't care what she has to do to get votes, she'll do it. And she does not understand a thing. I'm not sorry for saying this, but she let Bill make her look like a dumb shit. And another thing, I don't think she has the brains to run a country. She is not the right woman to be the first woman prez.

And now Sen. John McCain. He is the one I'd vote for, only because the other ones are dumber then he is. If no one else steps up, and these are the only ones we get, We're screwed. I gonna write a monkey. Cuz a monkey would be better then any of these people. Whoever wins, is gonna get a war torn country; that needs to get out of Iraq. Just got them out. But, I can say this; The next prez will be better then monkey see, and monkey do.

(Bush, and Cheney)

I leave with these final thoughts. The people we vote for, are not what they seem to be. All the say is what we want to hear. They don't care about us. they only care about what is best for them, and their party. Our job as voters is to decide who is going to screw us over the least. The people in our government are not always to be trusted. More often, we shouldn't even trust them with a pet rock. But these are the people who we choose to run this country. We know they don't do what they say. Well, they do some of them, when it gets close to re-election time. And then we seem to forget how dumb they are. Never forget how these politicians are from pre-election, to re-election. Vote for the ones who will screw us over the least. Blessed be, Elder RavenFire.

Sunday 22 April 2007


I happened to be in Denver the other day cabbing it to the no-tell motel after a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The cab driver decided that he would talk to me about the shootings that happened in Virginia. Cab driver has four sons, two of them are in college. One of them is in Virginia but not in THAT place. Cab driver went on at length about gun safety and teaching his boys to be responsible about guns. It sounds rather dreadful in the retelling but it really wasn't. The conversation I found to be more enjoyable than downtown Denver was during rush hour.

There are some things about law and mental hygiene law [nope, not laws for those who like to read or look at porn] in particular that folks do not know, do not understand, or haven't had to know or understand. The disclaimer goes like this: I am not a lawyer and you are a jackass if you are relying upon this blog for legal advice. End of disclaimer. "The law is an ass." I must admit here that I do not recall who said it first but I sure wish I had. Anyone who doesn't agree is living in a different universe than the one I've had to deal with my whole life. Or perhaps they just disagree and that's cool too.

The young man who shot up all those students and then died too was hospitalized for his mental difficulties in 2005. Here is something which the cab driver did not know and maybe some of you don't either. If the young man admitted himself-- signed himself in-- then he can truthfully answer "no" on any sort of application which asks if one was ever committed. Most of us mental nutcases, whether we've ever been on any sort of mental hell unit or not, are aware that being 2P'ed [signed in forcibly by a physician and a physician crony physician] is the absolute worst thing one can do in terms of preservation of any sort of human rights. Thus most of us try very very hard to remember that when being threatened with a 2P, it is better to yield pen in hand and sign ourselves in. Under a 2P, a mental health sort of kangaroo court has to do a review every so many hours-- it might be 72 and then in decreasing frequencies-- in order for the hospital to maintain its' hold. It is easier to get out of a mental hospital if we have signed ourselves in-- even A.M.A.
That stands for against medical advice. I agree it is somewhat ludicrous to speak about human rights on a nutward but bear with me here.

So the young man who signed himself in has no proof of disordered thinking when he shows up at the gun shop or wherever to buy his own personal weapon of mass destruction. Fact is, as long as we weren't ever 2P'ed [and maybe sometimes if we were], there is no flashing light following us around screaming, "Don't sell that moron a gun." Maybe we can thank the lawyers for that one or at least thank the idiots at the ACLU who would be comfortable with someone like me having access to a gun, but I digress.

Furthermore, as far as good to excellent mental hell treatment, that is in itself an oxymoron. We do not know what good to excellent mental hell treatment is. Mental hell treatment-- counseling in particular-- does not have a gold standard of care. There is no scientific validity measure attached to talk therapy. People like to talk about talk therapy because somehow it seems more humane than shoveling psychotropics down the throats of those whose lives are unfixable any other way. There is no evidence that counseling works. There is evidence that for various specific conditions the pills do work.

We know for example that someone who has genuine bipolar disorder I [useta be manic depression] has an excellent chance of medicine actually working. We also know that someone who has genuine bipolar disorder I who is unmedicated runs a seriously high risk of that disorder becoming worse, period. [It's all on Medscape, folks.] And we know that pills and combinations of pills do not work well at all for the serious personality disorders that people come down with [assuming that the diagnosis is accurate and not based upon therapist prejudice]. We know that folks with traumatic brain injury traditionally need more of the psychotropic variety of medicine and less of some other classes. And so on.

Here is some really bad news. Read it several times until it sinks in. Ready?
Mental health professionals are notoriously BAD at predicting who
is a danger to society and who isn't.
The F.B.I. people are talking to serial killers and some of them are writing books and it is all fascinating but unless you are a serial killer behind bars, ain't no one really knowing how to look for you before you actually kill anyone. Same goes for kids shooting other kids in school.

Here are some of my own suggestions:
(1). Dump the insanity defense totally. If you are going to say, "I did it but I am nuts" or "I did it but I am nuts and therefore not responsible for my self" or "I did it cuz I am nuts and I don't know when or if I will do it again" etc., then you deserve to be locked up away from society, period. I personally don't care if they lock you up in a mental hospital or in a prison. Harsh? Too bad.
Equal rights are not special rights. If we truly believe that we the mental nutcases deserve the same civil rights as other civils, then we have to be willing to accept the same consequences for bad behavior that everyone else gets to have. Anything less is burrsit.

(2). Anyone who has ever been actively suicidal should not own a gun for any reason. [For exceptions, see number five].

(3). Anyone who has symptoms of personality disorders should not own a gun for any reason. [For exceptions, see number five].

(4). Anyone who has ever experienced a genuine psychotic state should not own a gun for any reason. [For exceptions, see number five].

(5). For exceptions: Let the shrinks sign off on the pieces of paper giving us permission to own and use firearms. And let them share in the responsibility if we make any bad things happen during our handling of a firearm.
Risk-taking is risky. Shrinks are notoriously bad at predicting who is a long-term risk to society. Fine them real money for every person that we kill [including ourselves] with our guns and give that money to the families of the victims. Here's a prediction of my own: No shrink will agree to sign that piece of paper for their patients if their best shrink misjudgment will cost them shrink money. Off the wall? Tough. If I am that off the wall, then why are you still reading this?

radical sapphoq

Wednesday 18 April 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 3

This is a rather strange topic coming from the mind through the fingers of a man, but I feel that it is important for me to talk about it, especially considering that I am going off of the old adage that usually people of most genders only listen to those of the other gender anyway. It is always important to note that it is usually the message and not the messenger that need be listened to in a lot of occasions and this topic is beating me down pretty hard right now so as I usually do I bring it to a blog and expect some sort of closure on it afterwards. There will be people reading this that will be extremely uncomfortable with the topic and for those reasons you may want to continue reading. This is brought forth from a string of events and I am adding my own observations to, so please bear with me.

I happen to suffer from super hero complex really badly so as often is the case I get stuck in the middle of many dramas based on my emotional stupidity as well as my inherent need to be a hopeless do gooder. A lot of people know this about me and one of the things that get my dander up something fierce is domestic abuse. All aspects of it weather it is spousal or child make me angry to my very core, and I have often been noted for getting myself into trouble over these things whether it be my arrest at Toys R Us for assaulting a man who was abusing his child, or just being stuck in the drama of a person trying to leave a loved one who is going to kill them sooner or later if they do not. I have never had a very good on and off switch for dealing with people who are abusive regardless of the venue or the circumstance and it will probably be my Achilles heel until the day I die. I can think of worse things to get myself preoccupied with but never the less it is a definite form of my own emotional abuse to care far too much for people who were probably just born to be abused and may never have the capacity to live without it.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a friend online who was being abused by her spouse and I of course found myself being rather saddened and concerned for this person. She's very typical of a woman that is in an abusive relationship really as she didn't have it in her to leave the relationship {despite her stated intentions to do so} and started to become abused again. Like most women in abusive relationships that I had met she had actually found her online prince charming to give her the emotional stability that she didn't get off the computer, and in the end I imagine that he had broken up with her when that stopped being fun or he stopped appreciating the fact that he was merely “the other man” but regardless I used that as my advantage to get her into “Safe Place” so that she could get away from the abusive man regardless. Telling her that he obviously didn't want to be “the other man” and she needed to fish or cut bait appeared to work regardless. Here's where it gets a bit curious to me so I will give two sides to this story, the could be and the what you all should know.

Within a day or so of her escaping the man she was in safe place and had a brand new CherryTAP profile and was spending long hours rebuilding her new profile {If any women are reading this and are serious about leaving your abusive spouse then you need to STAY AWAY FROM THE INTERNET} then she was back in contact with all of her old friends {women who are stalked by an abusive animal will inevitably be found through her friends so DON'T DO THAT} and of course she was back with the online romance {If you are leaving an abusive relationship the very first thing you need to know is that inherently YOUR TASTE IN MEN SUCKS and you need to AVOID MEN UNTIL YOU LEARN WHAT A MAN IS!} and then it was HE that told her husband where to find her, which he did, and now she is back home after a good throttling. This of course put every woman in jeopardy at the “Safe Place” home that she was at {if she was} and now they are all probably scared that the information about the home will be posted somewhere and men looking for their punching bags will come from miles around to check the place out.

Now with that said I happen to know a lot about “Safe Place” and I can tell you that they do NOT allow you to use the computer like that because they are professionals at dealing with abused women, and I hate to be curt but an abused woman is every bit as bad as an alcoholic in the sense that they are incapable of making the right decisions. A friend of mine actually called the place a prison but necessary for a lot of women to escape the abuse, just like someone who is being reprogrammed after a cult had them. This has a lot to do with the fact that when they inevitably get in touch with their abusive spouse {because their mind can't live without the abuse or the love that they think the abuse is} it puts the lives of every other woman there in jeopardy. These women of course are trusting people to help them and it was a very huge step, and nobody should be allowed to jeopardize that. I learned about this first hand when I was about 12 years old and the “Safe Place” down the street from me was burned down in a fire after one of the women there got in contact with her husband to come pick her up. He started contacting people until one of the lunatics whose wife was in there found out and torched the place. I then learned everything I could about the place from every source I could get it from. The curiosity and the rumors needed to be satisfied by me, and it was.

Let’s not forget rule number 1 in an abusive relationship, which is that NO MAN has the right to hit a woman. This is an ugly reality and I am having a very hard time believing this drama with these two as it unfolded with me, but assumed at the very least I could make my statements about abuse be known through all of this. I find myself getting messages from the woman and the rat bastard that turned her into her husband floating around the mental spectrum, and my own life is to burdened for that crap. I basically said as much and with what I am writing here it is currently kissed to God because I tried. If you are being abused by your spouse, mentally and or physically and you are scared for your own safety then you need to leave. The only happy ending at the end of all that is that you will be dead someday and not care about the fear anymore. The chances are pretty good that your spouse is teaching your children how to behave that way when they get older and THAT IS YOUR FAULT! In a lot of occurrences the psychopathic spouse will end up seriously harming your family members, your friends, and many other innocent people along the way and abuse is NOT love anyway.

Should you actually get away from the monster with the help of family or great organizations like “Safe Place” {Google – safe place and the state you live in for more information} then you need to be LOST and any of your friends that truly love you will understand. You need to stay away from people of the opposite sex because quite blunt, you are too insane to be around them. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, so it is best to listen to the people that know what they are doing in these regards and that usually includes staying out of relationships! All you are doing is holding on to your own insanity long enough to kill you the way you have always done. The first thing an alcoholic does to recover from alcoholism is to STOP DRINKING, and in turn the first thing that a person with a pattern of being abused should do is STOP LOOKING FOR LOVE. You've already demonstrated that you don't know how to find it so feel free to learn, but like with most degrees it takes at least 2 years for a certificate and 4 years to be considered learned.

As far as the drama unfolds in this instance or any other instance that may arise whether it is true or not I am holding fast to a few of my favorite expressions here to keep ME safe from being held hostage emotionally by others. The first of which is “You are what your parents make you and if YOU chose to stay that way then blame YOU” which I have tried to tell people for years but often have to remember how it pertains to others as well. The other happens to be “Everyone in this world has their own Higher Power watching over them and most importantly I AIN'T IT” which at the very least should allow me to walk away from being held hostage emotionally because help comes from within as the opposite is without. I make the pact to myself from here on in that whenever a friend is in need I will be there with the appropriate links to the websites that will help them out, and then from that point on it is up to them. I have done all that I can realistically do at that point, and going further than that is tantamount to saying “Fuck you Jeremy die inside with them” ;8o)

Hang out with Jeremy Crow on CherryTap ... Other Crap This Weirdo Publishes... Mental Notes& Random Musings {Daily Blog} The Crow's Nest {The Homepage of J~ Crow}

Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

All writings Copyright © 2007 .. Jeremy Fink and The Crow's Nest



Passengers on the plane are downright unfriendly. There were two Lebanese guys waiting to go to D.C. in the waiting room and no one wanted to sit next to each other at all. The two guys were just regular folk relaxing. And ignored the hostile stares they were getting from most everyone else.

There was a male house sparrow flying around the waiting area. He seemed rather familiar with everything; hopped around as if he owned the place, checking out familiar spots. A chair here, a spot of floor there. He landed on the teevee set showing the weather briefly. When I whistled at him though, he split which reminded me once again something about being a nation of strangers.

The airplane was worse. It was a prop job-- a puddle-jumper of the skies-- held together by high-tech duct tape. The aisles were so narrow that only an anorexic could go through them without twisting sideways. An hour and a half later and I was in Chicago.

With no clue of how to get out of there. The guy behind the desk grunted at me and pointed to the left. "And then what?" I asked. "Jest keep going straight," he said. The hallway branched out into a tee.

I found the travelers' aid lady to be better equipped at giving directions and she told me how to take the subway to the train station. I got on the blue subway which gave me a bit of the tour of the city. The people in the car mostly seemed to be locals. Chicago is full of buildings and Cubs fans.

I got off and went upstairs, walked the two blocks (past more buildings) to Union Station. There were a coupla old men sleeping on the steps in the sunlight. It was that sort of day. They were homeless so maybe they didn't feel the same way about it as I did. I was a tourist, a brief intrusion upon their lives and nothing more.

The "Grand" part of Grand Union Station truly is grand. Large pews like I remember at Penn Station in Newark New Jersey and people lounging up them in the sunlight. I took a picture of a young woman reading a Steven King novel as her baby slept on her lap.

The waiting area for the Amtrak was a motley assortment and I enjoyed it. After a quiet lunch in a sports bar/cafeteria, the noise was soothing. People were friendly and talked to each other, even strangers. Everyone was happy to be going somewheres and so was I. Finally I started getting excited too.

Illinois equals Chicago plus cornfields. Even the dirt is sort of loomy yellow. Folks on the train were all locals and settled in to talk to whoever they were sitting next to. Some guy with a guitar said he plays with a band called "Hello Dave." The old lady sitting next to me she told me her life story who had hung himself and who was a good daughter-in-law and a bad daughter and her prize roses and dancing three times a week and everything.

Three hours later I was much relieved to say goodbye to her as I got off the train to meet my friend Sandy and her son Rich. (to be continued)

spike q

p.s. Sandi B, if you want a postcard, please send me your address again.

Sunday 15 April 2007


Whatever you do, don't decide to seek medical attention on a Saturday.
On Saturdays, my doctor's medical practice offers hours.
Who is there on any given Saturday is pot luck.
Originally, the physicians' assistants were assigned to take on Saturdays and evenings on a rotating basis.

Doctors secretly complain about what liabilities that the P.A.s are to them but forget that patients like the physicians' assistants.

"What the hell is he doing here today?"
The rent-a-nurse shrugged. "It's becoming more common to have one of the docs work today."
I offered her the same vacant smile she offered me.
Office politics.
Mustn't ask.

In walks doctor friend of doctor.
They forgot to tell doctor friend of doctor a few things in medical school.

Thus in my ever present spirit of helpfulness, here are my pointers for dealing with Nervous Wreck:

(1). Do not tell Nervous Wreck something like, "I hope it's only that."
Do not then say, "Uh if you get feverish or see blood, go to an e.r.--
right away."
Especially if Nervous Wreck is leaving on a long trip the next day.
Nervous Wreck is well-acquainted with every health rule and symptom
there is. Furthermore, cruising Medscape is her hobby.
She knows every single thing that can go wrong with human, dog, cat,
frog, or husband.

(2). Listen to Nervous Wreck when she tells you that it's the little tomatoes
in the sauce that triggers runs for two days.
Don't repeat the words "little tomatoes" in a monotone to show Nervous Wreck that you are listening.
You are getting paid to listen, moron.
Nervous Wreck has made it through life thus far by being able to spot
faking interest.

(3). Don't tell Nervous Wreck that San Francisco is a beautiful city. Nervous
Wreck has already paid enough attention to know more about your
proclivities and has known for several years what they involve. [Hint:
that pic in the specialty magazine...Nervous Wreck reads everything
obsessively on her obsessive jaunts to the bookstore].

(4). Dump the entire Saturday office staff. They are lazy and badly dressed.

(5). Bring back the physicians' assistants on Saturdays dammit.

sapphoq the Nervous Wreck reviews


The lady in this news article
had one hundred fifty live rabbits and eighty eight dead ones.
She lives in Argus, Oregon. Seems to me that if she really loved
rabbits as she says she does, she wouldn't have 88 dead ones in
her freezer.

She is a bunny rabbit hoarder.
So much so that she tried to take her rabbits back from a
"secure police facility" by breaking in.

So she is on probation for five years and subjected
to any recommended mental hell treatment for
five years and cannot have any live animals
for five years.

If she still lived in Argus,
maybe I'd invite her to
a nice platter of

A cruel streak, yeah.
I got one. So what?
I coulda helped
myself to stopping
that last comment
but I chose not to.


Saturday 14 April 2007

And the Father is.............

Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Dannilyn Hope Smith, the father is Larry Birkhead. I am so happy that they now know who the father is. Now all we have to do is wait and find out if he is going to get custody of her. Anna Nicole's mother Vicki, is trying to get custody from Larry Birkhead. When he has said on CNN and MS NBC and a couple of other news channels that he is willing to let Anna Nicole's mother see Dannilyn. How bad of a deal can that be. I would grab up that kind of a deal in a split second.

It angers me to see that everything with Anna Nicole's death and finding out who Dannilyn's father was was drawn out far way too long. Everything should have been done right away none of this would have taken this long to find out. Yes, I can understand the autopsy taking a little while to get finished and find out the results but for the DNA test for Dannilyn, that took way too long. IMO. Some things should be done right away and that is one thing that should have been done because she deserves to be with her father and start making that bond that a daddy and a little girl have. It is a wonderful bond. I love the bond that I have with my father. Too many people were involved in the case and there were way too many people There should have been one attorney for each person and no more and then they should have had a time limit to get there facts for their case out and then sit down and listen to the other testimony. Then it had to be dragged out for way too long, Anna Nicole deserved to be put to rest right away and there shouldn't have been any argument of where to bury her. That was a very simple answer, next to her son Daniel, like she had wanted to be. Plus, you can tell by the pictures that have been flashed all over the news channels and in the papers, that she loved Daniel dearly.

Anna Nicole Smith may have done some things that some people may not have agreed with but she in no way deserved to be treated the way that she has been. She is a beautiful woman that showed she had a heart and loved her son and daughter dearly. May the Gods and Goddesses help her Rest in Peace in the Summerland Always.

Wednesday 11 April 2007

Solving the Puzzle

What is missing? Do you ever feel that you are missing some bigger picture out of the news? Lately I read what gets posted in the news then I find myself searching and searching to see what really the news is trying to tell us. Now that I have spend countless hours waisting time trying to figure out what was really supposed to be said, I have now second guessed myself and determined the news should of just reported the news the way it was supposed to be taken to begin with. No, instead I have spent all this time trying to solve Da Vinci code.
Which brings me to the point of the blog. Lately there has been most of the shift between bringing our troops home, to the recent Illegals. So therefore we are brought to the table like a Little child being talked to by our parents about sex and remember when they would talk to us in that touchy feely kind of way? "Well you know about the birds and the bees right?" OH, Please get on with it allready. Now please don't get me wrong, I do firmly believe that there are some things that "We the people" should not have to be told. There are just somethings under National Security that I believe by telling us we are causing more damage then good. Which is where I started off in my blog. Media feels the need to have to tell all of us, or do all of us have to know? Or is it both? So when you go through the news and hear about something that gets you going are you going to search around to find the answer the one hidden within the puzzle? Can you solve the puzzle?

Tuesday 10 April 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 2

Well it appears that Don Imus managed to get his name back into the news again last week over a blunder that he had perpetrated when he called the women on the Rutgers basketball team “Nappy Headed Hos” and then it apparently was followed up by his producer Bernie saying “Jigaboos” which now has the world outraged over this sort of conduct. People are bringing up the Michael Richards incident again as a prime example of how racism still exists in America and the famous race baiter's are out there creating a calamity over it. It's the same tired old story of an old idiot defining life in America all over again, and I am pretty sick of it all. Everyone involved does not speak for me, and here’s the rub on it all.

Let's be honest about all of this here as we talk about Don Imus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and we'll even throw in Michael Richards for posterity, when I say that we are talking about a bunch of people that are old and useless. Seriously speaking here I have to say that none of these people actually speak for America, and the more anyone allows any of them to take up time in the media, we are simply saying the same thing as “I don't like electricity, please bring me my candles.” This is quite understandable as the people that happen to be in control of the media are the same old people with tired ideas that are creating the type of “real world” drama to support their own legitimacy, and anyone who follows these bandwagons are not only sheep they are tired old following sheep, and don’t speak for anyone of any legitimacy anymore.

The case in point on all of this is that if you want to take what Don Imus said into perspective he was doing his “black” act while talking about the basketball game, and was doing nothing more than quoting the common street thug language that is spoken repeatedly in rap music. He has been doing that for ten years at least, and he didn’t just pull it out of his ass when he did it. I don't personally care what they say in rap music because it to me is garbage and I don't listen to it, but to assume that ANY white American can disrespect the black women of America any worse than the “artists” that are feeding this shit to your children on a day in and day out basis makes you a candidate for Sesame Street. Nobody will ever disrespect black women in these country worse then black men, and if you don’t believe it, then I have a bridge to sell you. I am not in any way excusing Don Imus or Bernie for the stupid crap they said because nobody in their right mind can make it to the age of 754 or whatever the hell he is without knowing that WHITE PEOPLE AIN'T ALLOWED TO SAY THAT! Of course it also leads me to the Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson’s that pretend to lead while not even exploring the idea of cleaning up their own streets, aka “You know better then to act that way YOURSELVES!”

It really isn't about the solutions as much as it is about the problems and it is time for the youth of America {and I mean anyone under 50 or those that can at least think that way} to tell these people to just shut the fuck up. If you want to live in a world where racism will never go away then go hang out with Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse. They will find racism for you in every angle of the world except their own. Feel free to listen to Don Imus apologize but as always put it into the perspective of “we” so that he doesn't ever have to take responsibility for what he does. “We are very sorry,” but in my opinion, “You are very sorry, and I am not accepting that apology,” and then turn off the station that he is on. Stereotypical of the “Tired and Old” way of doing things at it’s best. The American people spoke with their purse when it came to Michael Richards and they should do it as it pertains to Don Imus. It isn't a media crusade to protest the FCC like the good reverends want because in turn it is none of the FCC,s business. That is purely to remind the American people that there is still racism, and thanks to Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse they will always be there to force people to agree, or else!

This becomes a problem as people either gets censored by force or they are forced to tow a company line regardless. The bullies in all facets of today’s life have been changing the landscape on behalf of large volumes of people at the behest of honest exchange of ideas, and shrouded in a really obscene form of hypocrisy. Even as I write this I know that someone will tell me that these leaders work within their own communities to deal with the stereotypes that get brought up, but before that can even start I might as well ask, where? I personally had heard speeches by Reverend Jackson back when he was angry at his political party, telling the black community to take responsibility for their own actions, but that was well over 13 years ago now, and it's all prime time whites hating blacks now. Despite the idiocy in what was said by the clowns on the Imus in the Morning show, it is still their right to say it, and it is still my right to hear it if I want to, and then I can form my own opinion as most of the American public does that it is wrong, and then punish him with my own ignorance of him thereafter. Making that type of speech illegal doesn't get rid of it, as we have found with the wonderful prohibitions we attempted on alcohol and drugs, it simply creates a less public forum for it that people will find if they want it bad enough. It will also turn into something far worse and more nefarious.

Again I bring up the fact that these people DO NOT represent today's America, and they don't even really represent the America of their own generation. They represent years that were before my own parents in fact and are the last in line to tow the line of hatred on both sides of the debate. Jesse Jackson for God’s sake is still living in the 60’s where he became famous, ad if you don’t believe that a lot has changed since then I really feel for you. I myself grew up in very racially diverse areas of the country and knew nothing of all of the racism talk until I was older and “leaders” were able to try to convince me that it was more prevalent than it actually is. Growing up in a town that half the population was the Air Force Base that occupied it meant that most of my classmates were actually black, and I never even realized that there was a difference in us until it was driven into my head at a later age. Innocence was corrupted by those that swore to abolish the corruption that they are still perpetrating today. The poor examples of rural parts of the country being filled with white Americans who do nothing but assume the worst of blacks should easily be offset by much more heavily urban areas like New Orleans that proved the opposite takes effect and some stereotypes are not worked on until it is WAY TOO LATE. Again it never has to be that way but it is and it is purely based on the new slavery that is the ownership of the hearts and minds of black America by the black people that seek to exploit them and not the white.

To change these things actually takes a much more broad approach then what most people are willing to do. Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse need to be told to shut up by black America every bit as much as Don Imus and Michael Richards need to be told to shut up by white America, and then the new America needs to become the united America. No more divisions based on race, creed, gender or sexual identity, and to do that everyone needs to cross over the picket lines that are formed by their own leaders that seek to keep them polarized and separated. Nobody has to believe that the people that speak for them really do, but only YOU can speak out against those that seek to keep you oppressed and that goes on both sides. Enough saying things like, “Well that Jesse, I can't do anything about him,” or things along the lines of “That Imus has always been an old jerk,” it doesn't get us anywhere for what we really need to say is, we're all human, we all have opinions and some suck, but NOBODY speaks for me, but ME ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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Sharks Teach Survival Too

"The ocean is their home. We only swim in it," ended the narrator of the National Geographic documentary.
Deprived of technology, pampered mammals like us are left unarmed and vulnerable to the harsh realities of nature. Living in the wild provides no luxury, and our lives hang by a thread as survival weighs down on us.
What ever happened to man being the highest form of life, like our theology teachers taught us? Surely, intellectual creatures like us will find a way to compensate for our inability to breathe underwater and lack of talent to build our fortresses in the deep blue sea.

After seeing two Great Whites (Carcharodon carcharias) attack a surfer (Homo sapiens), my itching fingers couldn't help but blog about how this man accumulated the guts to trifle with danger and fortunately for him, lived to brag about it. This particular surfer tested his luck the second time, and that's right, was attacked by a shark yet again. The shark failed to gobble him up (again) and merely ended up snacking on his surfboard.

Either this surfer dude possessed incredibly good luck or God is simply watching up there shaking his head in dismay. No matter how powerful God is, he couldn't stop us from committing mistakes. This is where freedom of choice comes in, and when people choose to become potential preys, God really can't do anything about it except let nature take its course and we are reminded that our bodies are also edible, tasty bleeding objects. Splashing happily in a shark's territory makes us fair game in the beautiful cycle of life.

Anyway, this surfer's story was understandable because the sport itself means putting one's life on the line --- meaning anybody involved in it has automatically signed a contract with Death. No issue there.
What truly appalled me was the bubbly group of people who treated the ocean like their own private swimming pool. They thought it amusing to take a dip in the waters 300 miles from shore, hours away from rescue without wearing any protective gear to boot, and found themselves shocked to witness one of their female companions attacked by a shark.

They never stopped to think that predators were under them probably thinking, "Ooooh, yay me. Lunch."
To the shark, the victim was served on a silver platter. Take note this attack was unprovoked, but it was definitely careless of these people to jump in a situation that endangered their lives because it looked "fun".
Despite the fact that we are more likely to get killed by a donkey than a shark, this only goes to show how little we know and how uneducated we are when it comes to understanding nature.

Yet even as I ramble on how dumb their behavior was, it's in the past. All people do dumb things ---- the better ones being more honest about it, such as admitting their sins to make amends, than others.
It must be traumatic for the shark victims to see their lives flash before their eyes as the predator slowly decapitates them with its powerful biting power. These people may not have known the precautions, or were blind from the dangers of the wild.

Summer is widespread. People around the globe flock to beaches to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Where there are beaches, there is marine life; and where there is marine life, there are predators looking for food; and where there are predators, there is danger; and where there is danger, there are humans jumping right in.
Sharks demand respect, and this includes respecting their territory. They are both fascinating yet misunderstood creatures and a potential threat to anything made up of flesh & meat. Any human is an exotic part of their menu.


Finally, always take precaution not just around sharks; there are smaller dangerous sea creatures living near the coast. Who would have guessed the dedicated animal conservationist Steve Irwin, who would wrestle alligators twice is height, would perish from the attack of a sting ray? His life, until death, was a melodramatic soap opera of Mother Nature and of survival.

You don't have to be an environmentalist or a nature-lover to be part of the environment, because you already are. This means all laws of nature apply to you --- with every breath, with every thought, with every calorie you gain sitting in front of the computer --- nature is working fastidiously and no time is wasted.

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Monday 9 April 2007


Little toad in tank,
hello. You look well today,
better than I feel.

blue space goddess

Sunday 8 April 2007

A Murder Of Crows - Volume 1

I am sitting here thinking to myself that I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet, as another one of those wonderful holidays is about half way over, but I figured I better write something now before I don’t have time to write something later. For anyone who has been following my blogs the last couple of years, you might think it is rather strange that I even have a blog on Easter Sunday, and there is a good reason for that, as I am usually crazy this time of the year and have given up writing FOR EVER!! This year it hasn’t appeared to affect me as it had in the past, so I am sitting here finally doing an Easter Blog. Now the question is, what do I write?

Now I could go on a long rant about how fucked up my family is, but that would make it stand out as just another Thanksgiving or Christmas blog, and I am thinking that my first Easter Blog should be more special than that. Yes I did go to church this morning, and I am happy to say that captain ADHD finally got us thrown out of church again {doing his howling dog routine and refusing to stop during the sermon on the most holy day kinda does that yanno?} so he and I sat out in the car for most of it. We managed to miss Imtoocutus as she was the star in the Easter Play, because she is going to be a diva like her grandmother {my mother not Greektradgedius who is her great grandmother but definitely a fallen diva in her own rights} and is the star in almost all plays now. Needless to say I am not one of those parents that sit there and beam when his kids do musicals, and put it into its proper perspective … fingernails on a blackboard.

I am sitting here at the moment thinking about all of the shlock that gets fed in on any religious holiday to be honest with you and wondering what the point is. I know that it is all about the truth but Easter is one of those religious holidays that are best left alone in my mind. It IS the holiday for those of the Christian faith, and it tends to get forgotten with the other ones that are out there like Christmas. I can tell absolutely anyone the stories about why certain religious holidays are the way they are and why they were put into their dates and the like. I know Christmas was a stolen pagan holiday, and that most of the traditions of Easter were stolen from there as well, but it is the one holiday that is spelled out in the Christian faith above all else. I mean let’s face it, without the resurrection of Jesus there is no religion, and that is why I tend to leave it alone, because I have always found it to be rather mean to pick on anyone’s religion including the big mean Christians.

When you take out the Easter Bunny aspects of the holiday {stolen from pagan rituals of fertility as it was often the case that people “did it” a lot more when they wore less clothing in the spring … heaven forbid it get brought up that they simply co-opted natural traditions} which basically should be easy to see the “humping like bunnies” and “distributing eggs” angle of it all, there are other things to think about. You don’t have to believe in Jesus to take a lot of historical knowledge from what people did know of him. I mean realistically most people don’t leave this Earth as amazingly as he did, and the strength and endurance alone should be taught in military academies all around the world. The teachings that he had taught throughout his short life also aren’t bad things despite the spin on it all. I was very fortunate that the church I was ordained in totally respected the pagan customs and celebrated them along with the religious ones, and took a far more “old testament” approach to Christianity, for I learned a lot about the Halloween holidays, and the add on rituals to Christmas and Easter through my church than most people learn through their study guides. It kept me interested, and we never spoke bad about any of them, as the church was always adorned with Halloween decorations, Easter Bunnies and Santa Claus. I thank God for the true tolerance that I was given.

The reality of it all is pretty simple, that we were all put on this earth to live our lives and get along as best we can. We are never told the truth about human nature, which is that we are all different and we all disagree, period! You can’t have tolerance without descent, because if everyone agreed then there would be no need for tolerance it would all be consensus. Consensus bores the ever loving shit out of me, and the tolerance is what makes people grow as a system. New ideas are always considered weird at first but without them then there are no growing moves throughout any society, and it is best not to “force” anyone to see things your way, but to fight the good fight to get people to just see things your way. It eliminates all of the inner hatred that festers and grows within people who truly believe that their feelings or beliefs have no validity and that goes on all angles of the spectrum. As deeply religious as I actually am {believe it or not} my tolerance towards all of those that don’t exactly fit my norm is what makes me grow as a human being, and like anyone else being told that I “have to” will do nothing more than make me want to NOT. This goes both ways unfortunately as throwing stones and hate at what is the perceived norm makes you more of a pest than an ally to change, and that is human nature as well.

So on this Easter Holiday I ask everyone to take a moment to simply learn how to tolerate each other. Don’t simply agree with those that you don’t because that doesn’t make you productive in the least, but give an ear to those with a different opinion, and then simply state your own with a smile. Leave the perceptions of your fellow man at the door. In the real world I can honestly say that most people don’t understand me and I don’t understand most people, but I am not going to learn anything from an angry face or anyone who thinks that name calling will bring me over to their opinion. I am as self righteous as any of you and if I believe I am right then I can simply shut down because the person who is angry is just that, angry. This goes in reverse as well, as I try to give an opinion and then give up when it is so obvious that it is unwelcome. Tolerance knows when to stay and when to go, because there are billions of people in this world, and some of them want to know me even if they don’t yet want to hear me. Happy Easter is not an insult, so to all of you Happy Easter ;8o)

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Nothing that was printed here was intended to offend anyone, and if it did, screw ya, you begged for it. If you believe that there are some measures that can be taken to change me, then please feel free to pray for me, and while you are at it yourself, because you read this far, and if you hated every minute of it, then you are an idiot, not me, or the other people who like what I have to say! .. Jeremy

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Remembering Mama

My name is Wednesday. The kids in school always made fun of me and compared me to
that twisted little girl in the Adams Family but i think I look more like Carrie in that Stephen King movie with the bucket of pigs' blood dumped upon her at the prom. Those kids are sorry they ever laid their unholy whoring eyes upon Wednesday Jones.

I am not evil. I am pure and good to the core. I don't have a blemish or scar upon me. There is no mark of Cain upon me. I do have a pearl necklace. They are genuine and came from somewhere off the Sea of Japan. Mama always hated when I wore them with my long black knit dress and my actor's grease pot salve. Mama's dead now. Ain't that right, Mama? You are as dead and your head as pickled in the jar as the other two back there behind me. Mama, you always told me I would amount to something-- even though I refused to put up the black dress in favor of some sort of frilly Chantilly go-go doll skirt and blouse.

See how nicely the candlelight glistens off your face Mama. You always told me it ain't right to recycle the canning jars by mixing salt after dairy or pork. But see Mama, you wasn't right about that at all. You was wrong. Mama, I'm sorry. I just don't like all those fancy colors. It must be a sin to wear all that gaudy stuff and cheap artificial finery and showing off what I got to those dammed reforms next door. At least we were congregationalists Mamma. Still, I think we shoulda kept Kosher better and learnt more Hebrew and stuff. I would have gladly killed off all them Israelites, Mama, who went a'whoring after false gods in the desert while waiting for G-d's socket puppets Moses and Aaron to come down off of that mountain with the fifteen commandments. Oh Mama, I know there had to be a third tablet about not wearing gaudy colors or showing off our booties but that damn fool Moses was drunk off of G- d's glory and he broke it. Aaron picked up the pieces and threw them in a midden pile and said, "Now, you shut up Moses. No one will ever know."

At least your head has company up there on that shelf, Mama. It wouldn't be right for no one to see how I curled your hair in steam rollers now would it? You weren't Hasidic dammit Mama so I figured it would be alright with you if I stuck a couple of other heads up there in the canning jars on the shelf next to you. They are two of my classmates Mama. I bet you remember them. You always was comparing me to them Mama. Not that I minded but they really were a couple of little tarts.

On your left side is Golda-- never a sicker bitch there was than her, Mama. She was always carrying on about who she had kissed and more out back behind the schoolyard in the woods. She got herself preggers and had an abortion and came to school one day all bloody and bragging she did. She had nice long hair but I left it plain and frizzled. I didn't fuss over her hair at all. She had no shame in life Mama. She won't in death either.

And on your right side is Madonna. She was a fool, Mama. She got to carrying on about how she was a high class whore and how her men (that is what she called them) would pay for a high-class hotel or take her away to the mountains with them for a weekend. I never believed her Mama. It was irksome all the same. Cuz of that, I cut all of her hair off of her head and put her head in the jar upside-down.

See Mama. Three bitches in three canning jars and me sitting here with one candle burning and I got on my long black dress and a string of real pearls. Now what could be more proper than that?


Saturday 7 April 2007


I wrote this as if I was our daughter..and I just wanted to share. Spike feel feel to use if you would like. ~Mare

She wakes up to get ready for school like everyone else her ages does. She takes a shower, pets her cat, eats breakfast and gets ready for her day, just like everyone else does. She begins her day reading a book, and tells herself she is going to have a good day.
Her parents get up get ready to take her to school. She is a good teen-ager she stays out of trouble she is a only child so figuring things out comes first hand for her, almost like the oldest child. Her parents drop her off at school and hold up traffic tell her to have a good day and watch her all the way to the door to make sure she makes it in the school, as most parents just drop off their child and drive away as the day is too busy for them.
The day goes on and noone wants to partner with her she is called a "Lesbian" knowing she isn't they are just calling her that because her parents are. She pretends it doesn't bother her and the next class comes around and it happens again..Her mind shuts down and the emotions begin to fill and the feeling is too much. She begins to cry and then gets upset with herself because they are only words and she knows her parents love her and their parents are probably never around to tell the difference in their day, but "I can only take so much" her mind explodes with emotion and what started off as telling herself "I am going to have a good day" begins the day from hell.
She comes home from school and her parents know the look on her face there is something wrong and she doesn't want to appear weak or that she is ashamed of them, she doesn't talk about and her parents keep at her because they know and they care. She tells them ever so quietly and like it was no big deal. Her parents know better they know just what to ask and just what to say. Her parents walk her through some scenario to help her along for the next time around.
Her parents worry that the words will lead to attacks which will lead to other things all because two people love one another and have raised a child into this world. Children can be mean no matter if you come from a poor family, rich family, two moms, two dads, have glasses, or braces. Not that it makes it right but there needs to be something that can rest her parents from worrying, and her from having to go through the harassment.
They talk and hug and have dinner. They may go for a walk or watch a movie, She feels better when she is at home and hates when she has to get ready for bed for the new day is about to begin again and telling herself she is going to have a good day. ~Mare

posted by sapphoq on behalf of Mare

Tuesday 3 April 2007


There's yet another criminal in the news-- this time in England-- using the
brain injury defense for what he done. At least this time, William McHenry is admitting to stealing pocketbooks from library patrons AND getting help for a drinking problem. McHenry has been sober since February [hats off to him for that!] and lists his alcohol addiction as the motivation for stealing. It costs money to drink and that is that.

The development [or sometimes exacerbation] of addiction is common sequelae to a traumatic brain injury. McHenry got his from his house ceiling falling upon his head back in 2005. I wish him the best of luck as he is taking responsibility for what he done and is getting treatment for his alcoholic addiction.

People with traumatic brain injuries should not drink or use illicit drugs at all. Seems that the injury itself lends to addictive behaviors. I think as research is done in addictions treatment, it may very well dawn on someone that here is a population of underserved potential customers. Yes, folks with t.b.i. need education in things like addiction and doctors need education in things like t.b.i. and pain management.

Unfortunately, the classic classroom approach to addictions treatment is doomed for failure with t.b.i.-ers. So those who wish to run such programs will have to quit the cookie cutter approach if they want some stats showing that treatment can work.

Addictions treatment right now is rather hideous on the whole. The often touted un-success rate is an indictment against such treatment rather than an indication of any 'truth' to the current party line excuse "relapse is part of recovery." The idea that especially vulnerable populations-- such as t.b.i.-ers and those folks who have been labeled as mentally ill plus addicts-- are getting especially disaster-prone results out of addictions treatment should be serving as a wake-up call. Real people are dieing. We are not a bunch of statistics. With the money poured into the addictions treatment industry, it's about time that the industry be held accountable for some real results.

At any rate, I certainly wish William McHenry the very best in his endeavors to turn his life around.

sapphoq healing tbi

There's Trouble Down in Beantown

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