Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The House Wrens Are Back

The house wrens are back.  Two house wrens already raised some chicks in the nesting box by the honeysuckle.  The male is now courting a different female.  She is using the nesting box at the north side of the yard.  A different couple has checked out the nesting box with two holes [I think it is supposed to be decorative only] in the wildflower patch that the humming birds hang out in. I've watched the couple fitting sticks into the top hole of the birdhouse.  It is hanging up on a small willow tree.  I guess the female found that to be "just right."

No hummingbirds yet in evidence but the sugar water is hung.  This morning I also prepared several hanging baskets with red and orange flowers that they like.  I put together a new birdbath and filled it.  I also scrubbed the flat flower pot plate that the chickadees seems to prefer and the two water stations [actually meant for chickens] that some of the sparrows like.

The scattered thunderstorms never materialized here today.  This afternoon it got quite sunny and hot.  The dog and I sat on the deck watching the birds and one chipmunk visiting the feeders and ground seeds.  A very large blue jay came by.  He was quite stunning.  A grackle buzzed the dog-- much to her astonishment-- and then continued on his way over the fence and across the street.  The weather people promised a week of storms.  I suspect that I will have to get out the hose if Mother Nature doesn't produce rain soon.  Yesterday was supposed to be sunny.  Instead it was gloomy and a bit overcast with showers which weren't quite soaking but enough to interrupt plans to use the power mower on the lawn of mother-in-law now totally overgrown with dandelions.   

sapphoq looking for a coffee

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I Wish

I wish I was a ginger,
I think red hair is sexy and hot.
I wish I was naturally slender
but in fact I'm definitely not.
I wish I didn't waste
the opportunities that I've had in life.
I wish the world wasn't so full of
wars and hatred and strife.
Wishing is fine and dandy
but wishing doesn't get anything done.
Instead I think I will do something
because one thing is better than none.

sapphoq is itching for a coffee tonight    

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Wrong Number

Phone rings.

[very slurred and slow speech of a woman who sounded like she was high on crack]:  Hello this is your mom.

I'm pretty sure you're not my mom.
[convinced that she is my mom]:  Oh, you're sure I'm not your mom.  Tell Gwennie to check these three sites on the web--

You're not my mom.  You have the wrong number and if you have a drug problem you should go to Narcotics Anonymous.
[mortification]:  Oh shit.