Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Murder of Crows - Volume 30

I have been railing against the United Nations for a long time now, for a host of reasons, but to narrow it down to the most basic, I would have to say that the real issues are simple. Wrapping your head around it is also pretty simple, unless you really don’t want to and then it is another story. The UN is a collection of all the countries that are recognized by the UN and for the most part every country has a say in how the UN does its daily work. The bulk of the UN is made up of dictators, despots, communists and fascist regimes to the tune of well over 80% of its membership, and of the other 20% that is left over there are less than a handful of countries that aren’t basically socialist and leaning towards the despotism through democracy that a lot of the other regimes are. In and of itself that is NOT a recipe for a free exchange of ideas in a free society. There is no real “togetherness” unless by “together” you mean the 80 plus percent of the United Nations that generally oppresses the people held slaves by birthplace.

Now more over when you scratch the surface a little deeper you have nothing more than the makings of that wonderful New World Order that Progressives have been clamoring for forever. The despot nations suck the marrow out of the bones of the capitalist societies that maintain a certain level of liberty, while undermining the liberty itself until they can drag them down with them. The United States not only houses the United Nations, but it also does most of the funding of the United Nations, and those that assume that we should because we are the most powerful or the “luckiest” of all these nations is way off base. It’s like an entity taking your money away from you so that they can fund your neighbor’s property, the whole time your neighbor’s agenda is purely to kill YOU. Some people would think that is just great but the chances are pretty good that you would not. This of course is why seriously oppressive nations like Iran get “sanctions” put on them when they do evil stuff, while at the same time so does Israel for simply defending itself.

Now of course the United Nations is a wholly progressive arm of globalism which means that a lot of the “unreported” stuff that it does is completely within the norms of what Progressives do, while at the same time completely and utterly evil. Lately the news {if you read actual news services} has been talking about how the United Nations itself was running a slavery and sex trafficking business out of Bosnia, pretty much the whole time America was fighting the war for them. You can read about it here rather than having my own words bungle it all up. This is actually an old story, as parts of the world that are a lot more a sensitive to these types of atrocities, and those that blame anything the UN does as “America” and imperialism were belting these stories out like crazy back in 2002. Now it has finally started cracking legitimate news sources here and is being buried by mainstream ones. On the other hand what is “mainstream” these days as most people get their news from Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

I on the other hand have taken a much different slant on the whole issue at hand with the United Nations. When the United States has a Democrat in the Whitehouse we inevitably head down the path of Progressive UN politics and for the worst every time. First and foremost aside from Truman, who was close personal friends with a particular Jewish man from school, the Democratic Party in this country has always been a landing spot for anti-Semites. Clinton spent an inordinate amount of time sending his people over to Israel to interfere with their election process and in the end had gotten Ehud Barak elected over there. While this was going on the wholesale slaughter of innocent people in Rwanda which had started under his predecessor, but really hit its stride when in 1994, 580,000 machetes were being imported into Rwanda expressly for the genocide. Everyone knew it, the United Nations ignored it, but they were right on board with the Israeli elections and the breaking down of the Israeli nation. Later on the same flawed logic was used when America was thrown into the Bosnian civil war {and as someone who works with refugees of Bosnia, don’t tell me about the Serbians, it was mostly Bosnians killing Bosnians} because unlike the African nations these people being slaughtered were white. Another trait of the Progressive left is racism, and the United Nations is always on board with that as well.

Further on down the road we watched the United Nations force America into the conflict in Kosovo, for the same reasoning. White people being killed by Serbians who for the most part were defending their own land, and the United Nations, the news media and our president at the time spun it differently. It was an all out assault to demonstrate that the United Nations at will could assist in the theft of land from one body of people and give it to another, and with the Democrat we had in the Whitehouse it was played perfectly. The Albanians that stole the Serbian land, went on to basically give it to Albania, which is a trend as long as a dictatorship is involved. Nobody really goes on and on about the Democratic values of the nation of Serbia but it is a far cry from that of Albania, and in the end the UN almost always sides with the more oppressive people. We see this going on with Israel now, as the horribly oppressed Palestinians {oppressed by any and all governance that THEY impose upon themselves from Arafat to Hamas} seem to get all of the attention of the United Nations and Israel gets ll of the sanctions. Why you might ask? Well again the United Nations has no issue with land being conquered as long as despotism reins in the newly conquered land.

Now as the typical Progressive left line is that Israel is the conqueror, that is ok for them. There is no historical acknowledgement that Israel re-conquered land that even the Romans allowed them to govern themselves with an overseer. Factually speaking the Israelis stood on that land almost a millennium before Mohammed was born, and the Muslim faith was created. The Palestinian name is a spinoff of the people who were at odds with the Jews back in the beginning known as the Philistines, but there is NO similarity between the two cultures as the religion of peace had completed its own genocidal ways on the Philistines, as it had the Byzantines and every other culture in the region, except the Jews, who rose again and took back their land and installed a quasi-democracy with European socialist leanings. What do you expect they escaped European oppression after all?

This brings me to another great lie that the United Nations and their friend in the media and the hard Progressive left bring to you on a day to day basis. Jordan and all of that land that was stolen from .. you guessed it if you have been paying attention, the Palestinians. Never a once does the UN, the media, the President {Democrat or Republican to be fair} or anyone else, save a few that are called “radicals” or “liars” ever bring up the stolen Palestinian land east of the Israeli border, and that is because there are two factors that blaming the Jordanian theft wouldn’t solve. The first is that whole oppression problem as the United Nations and the despots that run it are sick and tired of a democracy sitting there in the middle east, and secondly that whole Jew problem. To the Progressive left there has always been a “Jew Problem” and regardless of whether you follow history or not every left wing dictator has sooner or later gone after wiping out the Jews. From Hitler to Stalin to even all of the dictators that preceded those two {because I am not afraid to say that it is in the cultural nature of those people and not just pleasant “accidents” of who they elect to lead them} because it is an easy face to apply to the beginning phases of the cultural warfare that all dictators need to survive.

Now as the United Nations play its games. It has a Progressive left President in Barack Obama to arm its psychopathic ways. The United Nations spouts class envy, mostly at the United States who fuels its very existence. The president agrees with everything that they say and it is always just a waiting game with them. Sooner or later with the right combination of celebrities, causes, reeducation and most of all time, they always get into a better position to fundamentally transform the world. You need to remember that the next time Angelina Jolie whines to a camera about how Darfur is out of control, then she sits down with the other UN ambassadors and eats lobster dinners paid for by American taxes, and not a single thing gets done to stop the genocide. You remember that the next time Barack Obama stands in front of a podium and talks about “the rich” not paying its fair share, despite the fact that the richest 1% of America pays 37% of the taxes and has 19% of the income while the bottom 50% has 13% of the income and pays 3% of the taxes. Remember where that talk ALWAYS starts and ends. The Jews have all the money and we need to take it back. It’s been a winning proposition to all Progressive left causes throughout history and it sickens me when the very people who cheered along the hate and class envy act like they didn’t see it coming in the end. ;8o)

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