Wednesday 28 May 2008

All Those Blogs-- answering a question by a commenter

Yep, I do have lots of blogs. Too many.
I don't really have a daily blog.

The Main Five
Healing t.b.i. is about living with my traumatic brain injury, radical sapphoq is for my opinions on any current events that strike my fancy, life is for my returning memories, sapphoq n friends is a light-hearted blog (mostly), and sapphoq reviews is for short review of books and other stuff. Most of the time I will cross-post from the main five to other places. And almost all of the time I do not cross-post from one of the main five to another of the main five.

The Secondary Four
I also have blogs on live journal, commie journal, insane journal, and multiply which consist of the same posts for all of them and pull from any of the blog spot posts. Live Journal is almost all friends only because of the corrupt censorship which has been going on there for quite awhile now. The other ones aren't. Thus if you wish to read what I write on Live Journal without friending me, head on over to one of the other three. Friending me on one of the secondary four will give you a variety of posts. Friending me on all four of them will cause you to read four identical posts rather than four unique ones.

The Tertiary Two
And finally, I have a pagannation wordpress blog and a paganspace blog which I post to more irregularly than any of the others and again are cross-posts from the blogspot blogs.

The Abandoned Ones
I tried covenspace for a bit but didn't wind up sticking there. There are a couple others which I haven't kept up with. Oh well.

The Team Blogs
I am also a team blogger on several blog spots. Those posts too I pull from my blogspot blogs.
For some reason, my friend Jeremy Crow's blogaholic posts show up on my multiply blog. Not being able to fix it, I left the situation as is. He is a very talented writer and artist. The nice thing about the team blogs is that they aren't all my writing. I enjoy being on team blogs as much as I enjoy the singular ones.

On the web, I go by spike or spike q. or spike que. I am spike q. of sapphoq dot com. And I am also sapphoq. Just because. On all of the blogs I've listed, I register as sapphoq and sign as spike or sapphoq. There are several other nom de plumes floating around out there. Googling sapphoq may get you to a few of them.

this post
At the moment, this post is unique to this blog because it is a specific answer to a question asked by a reader. If someone else somewhere else asks the same question, I may provide a link or copy and paste this post.

spike of sapphoq dot com

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