Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rachel Moss and fatties

A big shoutout to my friend shamangirl over at LiveJournal whose post on Rachel Moss the woman who took her trolling from off-line to on-line for the lulz and then got found out
first made me aware of something that happened in Wisconsin. During a WisCon of feminist scifi/fantasy writers, Rachel Moss decided to take pictures of the obese women there and post them on the internet along with her opinions on the events at WisCon. Well folks found out and got pretty pissed and so forth. Angry Black Woman who attended WisCon threw in her hat on the trolling fiasco
as did Coffee and Ink

Rachel Moss has a right to publish her opinion on the world wide wasteoftime [although it is less clear to me if she had the legal right to publish pictures of the attendees without their permission] and the rest of us have a right to out opinions on what she did.

My own opinion: Rachel Moss is a troll. And not a very good one at that.


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