Thursday 8 March 2012

A Bit of Knowledge Misinterpreted Yields Phun

In breaking news today, words have power.  So much power that our national insecurity depends on what you write about on social media.  Want to show off your pictures of your recent trip to San Diego?  Or perhaps your memories of the phone phreaks you have known and loved?  Or complain about gas prices or the pork you ate in a restaurant last night?  You still can, but you run the risk of having an agent from the Department of Homeland Security notice.  You will generate some work for them in the form of typing a memo perhaps, although your personal identifying information may be removed [/snark] in the interest of your ahem privacy rights and concerns.  If anything bad happens to you as a result of exercising your diminishing freedom to self-express, it's your own fault because you have been given this warning.

Even Columbian coffee won't fix this,

     radical sapphoq

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