Tuesday 26 November 2013

Religion, Religion, Religion

     Religion is zerious stuff.  People blow things up in the name of their religions.  People kill each other with the blessing of their favored god.  People get bent over cartoons depicting their religious icons.  Even Bill W. gets in the act by accusing people who question the evil done in the name of a religion as not concentrating on the right things.

     Enter humor.  Humor can be a way of saying "Enough." 

     True humor is not designed to be politically correct.  I never cared for P.C. [political correctness, not personal computer] even when it was in its heyday of popularity.  P.C. turned out to be just another justification for censoring ourselves and each other.  P.C. has been replaced by "positive people, positive thinking, positivity" in some percentage of recovery circles.  Because we must be the best recovering people we can be.  We must join the sheeples and the masses in order to gain some of that social and societal acceptability.

     But life and living has got to be about more than assimilation into the masses.  And acceptability does not equal recovery.   

sapphoq needing a coffee very badly says:  Below are some comics about religion for your viewing pleasure or displeasure.

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