Tuesday 28 April 2015

The Journeyman Writer of Blog

I received my Google check the other day for the advertising on my blogs, and it got me to thinking that someday I may have to start thinking of myself as a business. Theoretically you have to make over $400 a year on your various schemes .. um .. I mean .. business ventures, and there is a good chance that this year I could do that. It would be a first, and that probably just made everyone who knows I have been blogging for ten years run for the exit out of here. Yes, it takes a very special person to get rich off of blogging and you aren’t reading one of them.

What’s probably worse, is that the “I am a writer, and blogging is a side gig,” crowd is about to get their balloons burst too. For me to pass that whopping $400 mark this year I have to add in my book sales revenue too. It’s been a banner month on that front as I have sold the second most amount of books as I have in any given month. That number would be 3, and it is eclipsed only by the month I sold 7, but then again 5 of those were to myself. You probably are wondering why I can be this honest about these things and it is because lying about it doesn’t do me any good.

Back to the theory I throw out there a lot and why I do so. I am a blogger who writes a lot, and it is a great hobby all things considered, because a lot of hobbies end up costing you money. All things totaled, even if you include the amount of money I paid for my website, the graphic design software that I use to keep it all in order, a few small upgrades o certain things et al, I have made enough money to pay for all of that. Now I am making gravy baby! Ok I am making peanuts, but again my hobby is free from this point on and more over I will probably make enough money along the way to buy more upgrades to my operation, maybe even a new tablet, as long as it is a cheap one.

Yeah forgive me for taking you on a scatter path through my scattered mind. Of all the things that my blogging, web design, and social media engineering has afforded me, you can throw in the friendship, the ability to help others, and even slather in a bit of laughs here and there. The best laughs come at my own expense. What I am really very proud of is the fact that other people seem to like my writing enough that they ask me to write for their blogs. Of course they could just be desperate, but that doesn’t mean I have to tell myself that. It’s just a hobby after all so taking it too seriously would make it a job. YUCK!

If you like this crap, you are the type of person I need. Come see the other crap I write over at TheWhacko.Com or don't, see if I care!

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Jessica Donegan said...

Loved the icon and loved the honesty.

I'm just getting started in blogging, and while one of the goals is to make some money, I'm finding a lot of differing perspectives on how that happens.

It can seem like an underpants gnome scheme really. 1 Blog! 2. ????? 3. Profit!

Definitely working on piecing step 2 together, but enjoying the journey along the way.