Monday 26 February 2007

Lame excuses your partner uses to get out of sex: Part one

I have heard some really weird ones. So I thought I'd share some with you. My wife, Lady Isis Aradia will post some stuff she's heard later.

"We'll wake the neighbors."
"I'm not tired. I'm too awake to do it."
"I'm horny, but I'm not in the mood."
"We might wake the dog/cat."
"I had to much soda, and I might burp on ya'."
"I didn't have a headache when I came in here, but then you came in."
"I have P.M.S., yeah you can get it 2 times a month!"
"Get over it, you got it up, now go wash it."
"I should have told you this before, I'm really a man."
"Aliens kidnapped me and sewed both holes shut!"

This last one is just the kicks! This one is the best. The best one I've heard!
"Honey, My butt hurts."


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