Saturday, 19 January 2008

A Murder of Crows - Volume 12

Well it’s about time. It’s the question of a man as to how they are able to deal with their own intellect. Some of the most brilliant people of the world have gone down in history as being less then all they should have been, and it is almost always their own fault. I read an article once trying to explain how Bill Clinton, couldn’t keep his dick in his pants because he was a genius, and all people who are “set above” others have a lust for power that in the end will create a craven need. I actually might agree with this because I tend to put the term “genius” into a much larger scope then the actual meaning of the word. By changing the word to clever or gifted you can change the scope to encompass a much larger sampling of what might drive a man insane by his own prison of the mind.

I will never go as far as to call Bill Clinton a genius, but I will say that he was {and still is} the most gifted and clever politician of my lifetime. I agreed with hardly anything that he did, but I will say that he was able to convince a lot more people towards his way of doing things than I could have thought were possible before him, and that’s saying something considering that he followed a man by the name of Ronald Reagan who was a very close second. Their ideals were both different but their ways of rallying people to support them was masterful. In its own right one must also assume that Adolf Hitler was equal in stature of charisma, and cleverness and I only have the luxury of hindsight to place all three of these people in different historical places as everyone else does.

I bring into this picture Albert Einstein who nobody will ever doubt his genius or his charisma, but rarely will you meet a person who knows what a deplorable human being he was, or even how incapable he was to even take care of himself. The theory of relativity didn’t keep his dick in his pants and his own intellect didn’t tell him that he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself in his later years when he was unable to keep a wife to do any of those things for him. To contrast this with a man who was far more intelligent, like say George Washington Carver who was never greedy, lived a good long time, and helped humanity through brilliance that I think will never be matched.

A man who was trapped in a prison of brilliance to a downfall that should have been befitting of one like Adolf Hitler died yesterday. My own personal feelings about him are still clouded because I truly would like to see the good in him, but again, insanity through brilliance should never be an excuse because realistically Bobby Fisher was a charisma short of being one of the most dangerous men on the face of the planet, and that really should be addressed honestly. I originally thought that his death was a finality that deserved a party, and did a little more reading first and the jury is still out. I sit here, Marc Anthony at the funeral of Julius Caesar with the knowledge of Brutus. Dick Schaap was correct when he called Bobby Fisher insane {he doesn’t have a sane bone in his body}, but the United States was also correct when they treated him like a criminal. His rant after 911 is slowly becoming his eulogy, more so than his “Cold War” victory over the evil Russians, and it makes me sad.

Personally I have to keep my mind focused when dealing with a cancer, and remember that the eradication of a cancer is all that can be done to stop the dying within it. Bobby Fisher was a brilliant chess master, who has more “end game” maneuvers named after him than any American born chess player in history, but he was also one of those vocal hate mongers, who like Adolf Hitler, found his solace in the blaming of the Jewish people of the world. Again I say that it is fortunate that he had no charisma whatsoever, and that may be the only thing that keeps people {like those fools in Iceland} from truly acknowledging how dangerous he could have been. Even today I saw a smattering of news people trying to excuse his particular brand of evil, as being a “fluke” by an eccentric man.

What actually surprised me in all of this was that the “news” station that has been pretty unwavering in what Bobby Fisher was all day has been ESPN. This is quite shocking because ESPN being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Disney Corporation {Anti-God and Anti American to it’s own ruination at times} while it’s sister company ABC News is on the “Misunderstood Martyr” bandwagon. There are good reasons for this, and it plays out pretty simply that ESPN and ABC News while both owned by Disney have their own fore-fathers and apparently there seems to be some respect amongst the new guard at the old Entertainment Sports and News {ESPN} branch of Disney Inc. Like them, love them, respect them, hate them the people that brought ESPN to where it is happen to be the same Jewish people that Bobby Fisher really declared war on over the last couple of decades, and I was happy to see Jeremy Schaap’s confrontation of Bobby Fisher in Iceland after that country made him a citizen to avoid prosecution in the United States.

Sadly, I have to say that I would love to just sit back and look at Bobby Fisher the chess master with the feigned sarcasm of a person who reminds everyone that Hitler did bring us the Volkswagen, but I can’t. I have never read Mien Kampf despite all of the people that have said it is an important historical document, and I would still say that it isn’t enlightenment to do so. I would love to come to praise Bobby Fisher instead of bury him, but I can actually do neither in those regards. He was a very sick man that praised the attack of my country, and would have rejoiced in the death of everyone in it. His reasons for it were NOT valid. This all started with his hatred of the Jewish people {to which he was one by birth} and ended with the ignorance of another country who prides itself on being “neutral” even though it only seems to benefit those that support genocide. It only appears to support my resolve that I like my genocidal idiots dead by a bullet in a desert far away. It’s why the soldier that “accidentally” shoots Bin Laden while scouring a hole far away will be a hero to me. We don’t need the show. ;8o)

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