Saturday 16 February 2008

A Murder of Crows - Volume 15

And then there was Roger. Am I qualified as a Red Sox fan to make any proclamation of Roger Clemens? I’m not really sure of that, but I am really sure that there is a circus going on in Washington that requires some sort of commentary from someone that has logic. I am not even sure if I have enough of that to deal with the situation as it is going. I know that I can shed some light on something tat many in the country haven’t really paid attention to, but has everything to do with the story. Roger Clemens was, after all a .500 pitcher when he left Boston if his stats for the last 3 years of his career here are to be examined. His 50 and 49 record over those years did not in any way dictate that he had the abilities to be the ace of any staff, much less the Boston Red Sox, and the apologists who like to point out that the rest of the team was lousy, aren’t looking at the job of an ace. Bad teams get dominating performances from an ace, and the Red Sox were getting a mediocre performance from theirs.

Most people who were not caught up in the romance of having Roger Clemens on the staff were thoroughly convinced that he was on the downslide of what was a great career, and he left Boston with a major chip on his shoulder. Who wouldn’t after being told that you were washed up? He went to Toronto and after looking every bit as bad as the general manager of the Red Sox said he would be for half of the first season there he transformed miraculously into the huge, dominant pitcher that he once was, only far more. The next season he won a Cy Young again being over the top dominant, and was sticking it in the eye of the Red Sox, which he deserved to do as he was reborn like a phoenix from the flame. Later on he moved to the Yankees to get the World Series that the Red Sox were never going to get him, and later on became the eternally youthful Roger Clemens that created a feeding frenzy every year as he would “un-retire” and come back to baseball for one last hoorah. Now he is involved in the steroid investigation, and everyone is taking sides.

I remained apathetic purely because I was jaded into believing that it was simply obvious, and Roger should have just made up a lame story about doing it 3 or 4 times and put himself on the mercy of the fans. It would have been over and done with and in 5 years they would have put him in the hall of fame, hands clean, continue. Instead he decided to do some of the most idiotic things I have ever seen, and what slays me is that people are still defending him when logic dictates that he is probably affected by steroids beyond the physical and probably mentally damaged. I would have ignored all of this if it wasn’t for the fact that prominent members of the political party I have given my heart and soul too over the last decade got involved. This is where it gets interesting because if I thought Roger Clemens was a dolt, then I would have to say that the Republican senators that he bought and paid for at that hearing were lunatics. I have blocked their names from my mind in the hopes that I won’t have to wash my eyes out with soap, but watching the Republicans acting like Clemens lap dogs was humiliating to me. The fact that tax payer dollars was spent on this is humiliating to us all.

In order for anyone to believe that Roger Clemens is innocent, you would have to believe that McNamee told the truth about Petite and Knoblauch but lied about Roger. You would have to believe that Debbie Clemens took HGH without consulting with the man she is married to, who happens to be a professional athlete. You would have to believe that Roger Clemens couldn’t remember the name of a nanny that coincidentally was invited to his house that weekend to talk about some things. You would have to believe that a man who throws broken baseball bats at people when they are running to first, or the baseball in general at their head when they “show them up” isn’t possibly having roid rage. I don’t believe that the Republicans sitting in that room believed these things in the least. I don’t believe that they ever have, and I don’t believe that I have ever supported any of those bozos.

Here’s where I part company with any of this in general, because I know that steroids is a major problem in the world, and think without general medical supervision it is a tragedy to be going on. These people that are searching for “the truth” to not believe the same way because the answers to these things are a lot easier then they make them out to be. Using steroids is a crime, and it is supposed to be prosecuted as a criminal activity. It is not in the least and it doesn’t carry the stigma of the loss of freedom associated with most crimes. I mean seriously we have heard about people flunking drug tests and facing a suspension, and it simply looks to me to be an associated “job risk” with no perceivable reason to NOT do it, and I have been rather rabid about these things for a long time now. My education in sports medicine brings me back about 20 years on this debate and I remember writing an article {that was not well received} about Shawn Ray back in the early 90s when he was stripped of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic title. He flunked the steroid test really badly and title was given to someone else. There was a long article in Flex magazine talking about how he hadn’t gotten off the juice early enough, and within a year he had gone back and won the title after cleaning out properly.

My reaction was black and white to this little “problem” that Shawn Ray had had, and that was that he should have been in JAIL! For the love of God, we had a man with a vial full of tainted blood and an admittance that he had been using illegal steroid, and there wasn’t even so much as an inquiry. I have been watching this whole “steroid issue” for the last two decades and as always it is just an “embarrassment” to these people to commit crimes and every politician in this country knows about it and has NO right to sit in judgment of it now. If Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds or any of these people using illegal substances end up going to jail for perjury then should we really feel bad for them or defend them? I realize that we are a nation of feelings, and not laws or common sense, but when do we place the brakes in? How am I to feel sympathetic about the children of the world and the bad messages that we send to them when we live in a lawless culture full of innuendo to the contrary?

I could care less what happens to Roger Clemens because I watched a deplorable human being, sell his own wife to the tabloids in front of the congress for no other reason then to save his own amazingly tarnished name. The senator that sat there and ranted that McNamee was a liar while Roger sat there smiling showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have walked over the threshold of logic, and into the mire of spectacle for the sake of face time on the media outlets. Worse yet we have two political parties running the country, both pathetically corrupt, both damaged beyond repair, and we are at the mercy of them and the idiots that support them in lockstep. Blissful ignorance runs foul in both of them, and people are left wondering if we were not better off without a king. I only bring this up because I am sick of the princes and princesses that the media in this country are making for us anyway, and then desperately trying to tear down or bring up out of their own sport ;8o)

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