Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Show must go on

I can remember the call I received, it was later in the morning. My sister had been trying to get ahold of me for awhile. When she did she was filled with so much emotion, she could barley speak. The news of our Uncle who was in UofM Hospital and with very little time left to what life his body had left to hold onto.
My partner and I had rushed to the Hospital as quickly as we could with our daughter. I got to see Jim, but as sadly as I am to say, it may have been too late. I said my words, to my Uncle.
I couldn't believe that this was happening. My Uncle shared his life with many in the community in the City of Ann Arbor, and I understood that since I was little. I was glad to see him, when I could. He was always there when their was important event in our life.
I have little words left to say that would go the depth of my Uncle. To shed some light onto who my Uncle was, and the difference he has made. I just hope those life's that Jim has touched through the many years of teaching, and directing that those people take this opportunity to pay it forward and treat the next generation as Jim treated everyone.
Every show is still going on, actors are still casting for that one roll to make the difference, and people are lining up to see the show that everyone is talking about. Which is great, as if
everything came to a stop that moment in the hospital, I could hear that the show must go on. For that moment I started to think we were the ones that were passed along.

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